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uk wholesalers selling premature baby clothes. 

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    Nanny Nicu  BOYS premature baby grow set 0-2lb 25cm all colours 

If you have decided to stock your baby shop with premature baby clothing you will find a very few wholesalers in the UK that sell premature baby clothes.
Most outfits say preemie or prem size and after purchasing some sizes which say 3-5lb or 5-8lb we found a lot came up in huge fittings. when you compare these to premature babies whose fat deposits a havent been laid down yet they can show up to be way out in sizings.Will this help your parents and family members  find a present for a tiny premature baby ? No.
 As a superstore for tiny premature baby clothes we know which products parents need urgently. The extensive range at Heaven and Hope gives parents more choices not only in more realistic sizings but in delicious colourways and adorable outfits that are practical unique and special.
selected lines are now available wholesale with some unique lines that can be taylored and made just for your very own baby shop.This will give you an edge over your own competitors and will be a joy for parents to buy when looking for tiny sizes.This new service is proving very popular with baby shops as its Ethical and made in Britain  so there may be a little wait for hand made items to follow your main whoelsale order.
You can choose from the following premature baby clothes brands Titch Nanny Nicu Snuggies and Happy Baby a no frills baby basics range that mums dont mind getting a little stained as baby is born or left at the hospital by mistake. send an email to for further details about wholesale premature baby clothes for your retail outlet. PLUS top 5 questions  about our wholesale products for premature tiny babies can be read just below.
1. I'm thinking of stocking premature baby grows at wholesale prices Im a new business can you help? YES bereavement only
2.I am not sure of the difference between premature baby clothes and Nicu baby clothes what is the difference Id like to buy both from a UK wholesaler? Nicu baby clothes are clothes that make it easier for mums to dress baby through fiddly incubator portholes and offer quick access for direct nursing care needs Nicu clothes offer more in practicality as they often need need to have monitoring leads tubes etc threaded through their baby clothes.Babies in SCBU or going home can start to wear layers and parents buy premature baby clothes depending on baby's birth weight.
3. Do you supply premature and tiny baby clothes wholesale overseas no uk only
4.Do you supply premature baby clothes at wholesale prices to UK hospitals.Yes only bereavement now
5.How can I pay for an Wholesale order from you? We accept Bank Transfer,online Banking,PayPal, Email and Invoice so you can pay direct with your credit or debit card or uncrossed postal orders.