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uk made prem clothes

colourful smallest baby wear preemie infant sizesNanny Nicu range clothing for premature babies

uk made premature baby clothes by Cheeky Chums

5 things about Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes

1. most premature baby clothes at Cheeky Chums are handmade in the uk keeping it British.
2.Cheeky Chums offer even the tiny babies ever born clothing so sweet starting from 16 weeks gestation.
3.cutest premature baby clothes in every colour of the rainbow giving babies the brightest array of outfits ever from 0-1lb in weight upwards.
4. offering the most beautiful boy and girl prints sourced from all over the world to be then made only in premature baby sizes in complete clothing sets.
5.offering all you need to dress a premature baby from top to toe including hard to source matching products such as headbands and socks.

How cheeky chums came into play for tiny premature baby clothes

Cheeky Chums became established way back in 2007 due to the lack of premature baby clothes available in the uk Cheeky Chums staff researched at the local neonatal unit what type of clothes would make it easier to dress tiny tender premature babies in the Nicu units and SCBU .

After looking at the sizes needed for premature babies, fabric was ordered in soothing pastel shades and the start of the manufacturing process started for a new brand of premature baby clothing. 

Nanny nicu at Cheeky Chums was a huge success for parents of premature babies and cute prints were included in the 2015 the range and brands of hand made premature baby clothes in the uk are easily available at Cheeky Chums. so lets look at the process of what it takes to make such precious little baby wear .

a look at whats already available in prem or premature baby clothes and compare it to what we want to achieve ... in this case smaller width fittings easy openings ...

so we make a  pattern..

tiny patterns for premature baby clothes

then the sewing begins after cutting out the fabric

pattern cutting preemie baby wear

the sewing commences, adding trims checking popper fasteners are all attached correctly before the finished product reaches the shop floor.

finshed premature baby clothes boys romper outfit

this particular outfit in the Something Precious TM brand premature baby clothing only comes in very tiny sizes usually baby bereavement for babies born less than 24 weeks.

in 2016 Cheeky Chums now provide premature baby wear even smaller for little ones born asleep.

Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes offer the most precious delicate clothing,the very smallest infant clothing in the world from 12 weeks gestation - 40 weeks sizes. Although hand made individually not by a huge factory Cheeky Chums do offer hospital wholesale orders and offer discounts to bereavement charities that need an alternative to knitted donations. It just take a a little longer to process and order due working on a smaller scale. thankyou and enjoy the complete range.