what's in a Special Care Baby Unit

Special Care baby units are where the tinest and poorliest of newborn babies are looked after by specialist and nursing staff until ready to go home.
 Here is an interactive page that gives you a very good insight into the specialist care and treatment your baby may need whilst staying at the hospital. well worth a look and easy to follow too.
Sometimes the special care baby units are known by different names such as special care, nicu,hdu,scbu,s.c.b.u. pronounced "scerboo",icu for babies.

S.C.B.U at its best

Premature babies get the very best individual monitoring and special care in the N.I.C.U. or H.D.U one to one nursing at its best, 24 hour monitoring of your baby.
 its regular checks like these that ensure the simplest thing of breathing and oxygen levels can be adjusted to make it easier for your baby to gain strength.

Premature babies in special care baby units

For premature baby clothes for the special care baby units you can find all you need on our home page.Most sets are not just ordinary baby clothes the Nanny Nicu range has been created with input from nicu staff, baby specialist to ensure the ease of dressing, monitor leads which may be attached to baby can thread easily though the clothing for minimum disruption of nursing care. 
HERE is the home page simply look on the left hand side to choose a department of choose an item by your babys weight instead.