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Do premature Infants get sick at home 0-1 year

Do premature Infants get sick at home 0-1 year.

The earlier the premature infant was delivered at the more prone to infections they can get in the first year of life.

when a premature infant has been discharged from the hospital it can be very unsettling for a first time parent ,worrying about the slightest thing that could send them back to hospital. Babies born 24 weeks can get really sick and once home rest assured that the hospital staff wouldn't have sent baby home if they didn't think he or she was ready.

you can take some steps to make sure your premature infant doesn't pick up any unncesesary germs such as stop strangers from touching them or holding them, stay away from doctors surgeries in bad weather when coughs and colds are rife.Keep relative away when they are sick etc. and good hygiene control at home.

premature infants do pick up chest infections more than a normal newborn baby would and can still get all the other childhood illnesses such as coughs colds,nappy rash,teething problems chicken pox,high temperatures and infections etc.

Always check it out with the doctor before introducing calpol or ibufen to such a premature infant to help bring temperatures down and help with pain etc.