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sensory baby

sensory baby what is it ?

sensory baby is all about development. Although there are baby sensory classes and a website . As a parent you do not need to buy expensive equipment or pay for classes just so your baby can develop. So how does a baby develop ? Today we look at what you can do to give your baby the best start in life to reach those developmental milestones.

A sensory baby perspective to learn

When a baby is in the womb growing it is all ready developing brain connections and learning. It can recognise its mum and dads voice. It hears even surrounded by amniotic fluid inside the womb. Its fascinating so why not take advantage of this and let your baby hear all types of music.

Once you can feel it moving watch and note what music seems to settle your child more. Especially as it gets near to delivery. This will also help to soothe your child once they are home from the hospital. Playing them once you realise which made baby move more or becomes calmer.

sensory baby the next steps

So think of the 5 senses. what can a baby hear see smell taste and touch. If your provide toys games interactions to cover all 5 of these areas your baby will learn . It will be stimulated with the brain connections making new ones in the process. A stagnant brain does nothing so therefore a baby's development will not go any further. especially if a baby is lied on its back in a pram all day with nothing to see but the ceiling.

The brain of a child is like a sponge and will soak up information readily. Its vital and important to enrich your infants life as much as you can during the first 3 years.

what sensory experiences can a newborn learn from ?

Although their eyesight at this early of an age hasn't matured yet it can still process data such as the mothers smell identifying breast milk , their voice, They sleep at this stage for most of the time but once they become aware of their surroundings the fun begins so to speak. Babies are constantly learning and they do this through play.

what can your baby do next ?

As you form that bond it will look in your eyes for warmth affection love care. To be sung to to learn from you. Even listening to a story from you. It will rely on you to meet its needs in all aspects of the sensory development.

What toys can you provide to reach these sensory development milestones?

Toys that make sounds, That feel nice to the touch and to hold in their hand. Safe items you have around the home . Nothing smaller than a 2p so its not a chocking hazard. problem solving toys are good too as well as sorting shapes and colours.

provide your baby with places to visit with different sounds such as a trip to a zoo various animal noises, birds singing in a woods. The ocean washing up nr the shore line and other exciting places of interest.

Weaning a child is another step in learning. First feed trials introducing solid foods on the tongue. An infant has to learn how to swallow. Try different textures and tasting new flavours including sweet sour savory items of food.

Gradually introducing thicker textures going on to chewing foods. Plus the fact that not all foods smell the same. cooking Brussel sprouts has its own aroma along with cabbage . let your baby experiment even if it is with just the smells of tasty cooking.

sensory using babies feet.

Believe it or not babies learn a lot through their little feet. For instance what does it feel like having sand under their toes. some babies love it whilst some hate it. Its like playdough some children love the tactile of it others wont go near it. A child standing on its parents knee bouncing up and down , whilst all the time building strong muscles ready for the walking stage.

Does putting shoes on a child early on cause concerns? the reason why you never put shoes on a child's feet until their walking unaided is this. They use their big toes to balance. squashing them contains the toes and so can damage cartilage. use shoes on stony ground etc outdoors when they do not need you to hold onto them to walk.