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safe clothing

Safe premature baby clothes for babies needing a healthy start.

5 important factors  in premature babies clothes sizes.

1. Cheeky Chums consider the individual needs of premature babies before any design of premature baby clothing is created from scratch.In March 2013 Cheeky Chums decided to buy more UK brands that not only reflect quality,softness and fabrics making them safe for premature babies use but also to  help sustainability for UK handmade traders.

2. Early babies do not have the body fat deposits laid down as full term newborn babies have at birth so the Nanny Nicu range of premature clothes are made to reflect more realistic body measurements in these slimmer premature babies.

3.As new lines are designed so the need for better,fashionable creations offering quick access,easy access, for nursing staff to get to a baby in distress as soon as possible.Plus each clothing line is made from comfortable fabrics to wear in warm incubators without baby becoming overheated and the health of a baby is compromised. 

4.You will discover weird and wonderful styling as a lot of the premature baby clothes for incubator wear have multi directional openings. This is because baby may need to have little tubes threaded through the clothing attached to baby's face to assist breathing,feeding,and monitoring. The healthy way to dress baby without wearing too fussy clothes in special care units.You would dread it if the nursing staff had to cut through them like you see in TV casualty programmes when thy need to give a patient medical assistance fast. Save these precious clothes for use when your poorly baby finally is healthy enough to go home.

5. Do we recommend these premature baby clothes for reborn dolls? NO you would hate to return them because they are too small, yes too small. A lot of UK market stalls stock clothes that are prem on the tags but not catered for real premature babes needs.Cheeky Chums may have some stock left over in larger premature sizes but these will eventually be faded out if in doubt before ordering telephone for assistance we try to make sure measurements are listed in the descriptions prior to ordering.