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premature labour and birth labor

premature labour premature labor, premature birth my cervix was to blame!

Cervical incompetence can be determined by the pregnant womans history and by and internal vaginal examination.

An incompetent cervix (situated at the end of a womans womb) is when the cervix begins to widen and thin before the pregnancy has gone to full term.Usually in the 2nd trimester does this problem show a high risk to the baby as premature labour can present itself leading to a premature birth. Baby Is born premature and if a pregnancy is under 22 weeks baby are not usually viable .A baby that has gone 24 weeks gestation has a slightly better chance of survival but will need to spend many weeks in the NICU hospital and undergo lots of tests,monitoring,growth, developing of lung function ready for the big wide world.The Risk of infections for such tiny babies is high and a little one can sometimes have long term health problems due to being so premature and poorly at birth.

Is there anything that can be done for a woman with repeated miscarriages due to an incompetent cervix?

Yes Cervical incompetence may be corrected by cervical encerclage.A suture (stich) is performed under a general anesthetic when a pregnancy is between 14-16 weeks gestation.The stitch is removed around 38 weeks or sooner if a pregnant mum to be goes into labor early

What if baby does come even earlier than expected? Did you know that doctors don't usually revive babies under 23 week?s gestation. It?s a tough decision to accept, some babies are just too poorly to live outside the womb at such an early arrival. That's why the baby in your body needs a good 9 months before it is ready to venture out into the big wide world like mummy and daddy.

It is only by the dedicated doctors, new medicines, Warm incubators, that allow such tiny infants to make it from as early as 24 weeks. Some babies need operations, breathing intervention, medicines and monitoring to be able to pull through. Some tiny babies are such fighters. It is remarkable how doctors say there is only a 10 % survival rate then they just seem to pull through quicker and easier than others.

Not all babies are the same so look after your self by visiting your doctor, midwife and and other consultants whilst you are pregnant. If baby does arrive early you can expect the very best support and care and be a little less worried because you both will be in the right place to receive the best possible care. Cheeky chums stock all sizes in premature baby clothes in gorgeous colours styles to choose from so baby can look ever so trendy from day one. When you show off baby to all the other mums on the ward. You will be pleased as punch knowing you thought of this early enough to plan for an unexpected early arrival.