A Mums outcry for individuality for her premature baby...

Babies come when they are ready or if a problem arrises.When a Mum gives birth to a premature baby the newborn clothes she has packed in her bag will most often be way to huge to fit. Hunt online or browse through the rails in the high street for premature baby clothes. You?ll find most UK shops that stock lines for tiny babies carry the same few brands made by the same manufacturers.
It will seem like panic stations for a while as you decide if you want baby to wear handouts from the hospital or buy new clothes in tiny sizs.You give instructions to family members to rush out and grab the smallest premature baby clothes and what do you discover ?
A lot of baby basic clothing items some clothing that says preemie size or premature baby. These particular clothes don't tell you what sizes in weight it will fit in the tiny premature baby sizes.
So what do you do now your baby has no clothes that reflect his/her precious individuality?
Cheeky Chums have the answer to your tiny baby's clothing problems.
Cheeky Chums stock many other brands located from all over the world. Many offer a personalized touch being Handmade or made in stunning cute and colourful printed fabrics hard to source in the UK..
Cheeky Chums stock the top brands, designer brands in premature sizes, setting trends for the earliest member of your family.
Cheeky Chums stock essentials that most shops cannot find and sell to you leaving you deeply saddened.
Cheeky Chums give you plenty of choice in every clothing range so you don't just have one type of hat to choose from or one colour, pick from many styles which every you feel is the best choice for you.
These brands come in more realistic body sizes for premature babies
Nanny Nicu  a top brand available in the tiniest, cute, colourful and complete clothing sets. These sets give you the opportunity to dress baby all at once in matching clothes.
TITCH accessories and ouitfits in little miracle sizes starting from 0-1lb+ such as cardigans,dresses,rompers
SNUGGIES Nappies, Socks, Tights in every pastel shade including peach,aqua,lilacs and lavender shades.
EFFRONTE AMOUR - designer clothing in premature baby sizes 3-8lb
plus lots more...