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prem babies in the NICU

Why do premature babies stay in the NICU ? what is a NICU

premature babies are babies delivered early before 37 weeks gestation of pregnancy. A Premature baby could have difficulty due to some inner organs not reaching maturity and so a stay in the NICU may be required. A NICU  is short for neonatal intensive care unit. A Baby growing in the womb is protected with amniotic fluid a membrane and has nutrients delivered to baby via the umbilical cord. once delivered early a premature baby especially before 30 weeks gestation will need a few weeks stay in a NICU due to the more urgent assistance in keeping tiny babies alive.Its because they no longer have a womb to protect them fully and again to reach maturity in.

Vital care of the NICU for premature babies

it is vital care that a premature baby receives until the inner organs reach maturity during a stay in the NICU  each nursing staff has a particular skill they are trained in to meet the babies needs. Eye specialist lung heart brain function feeding breathing specialists in their area will care for these tiny babies in the NICU. Premature babies can be delivered so small imagine how tiny a little needle will have to be, to go in the arm of a 1lb baby . Premature babies can survive as early as 23- 24 weeks gestation now and its these specialized equipment needed in the NICU  that can help monitor the health and well being until these premature babies can go home at last to be with their parents.

The earlier the delivery of premature babies the longer a stay will be needed until these babies are well enough to go home.

Its because they may need medicines to keep them stable, regular blood tests taken, premature babies may need assisted breathing due to their tiny underdeveloped lungs , premature babies may also need certain emergency surgeries if anything needs fixing or a stomach isn't coping with milk feeds properly.

NICU staff in intensive care for premature and poorly newborn babies


The best place is a NICU  were highly skilled nurses doctors consultants do their caring role in managing this intensive hospital environment for premature and also poorly newborn babies.

The NICU indeed also helps with newborn babies who's health needs looking at or babies with heart problems are cared for and other physical anomalies dealt with, with the right aftercare after operations until ready to go home.