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premature babies born 37 weeks

Will Premature babies born at 37 weeks need months in hospital before they are allowed home?

When a baby is born premature near to full term there is no reason why baby can't go home after a short stay Not unless baby has underlying medical issues. Sometimes premature babies are only delivered in advance if there is an underlying medical problem with the pregnancy or mum is poorly with medical issues such as diabetes or another condition such as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.

For instance a lady had a planned induction she knew in advance her baby would be born premature at 37 weeks and she later delivered at 37 weeks with baby weighing 5lb 6 oz. Baby was fine feeding well so was allowed to go home after only 2 days.

Another pregnancy baby delivered early, mum's baby came at 37 weeks into her pregnancy  baby needed some help with breathing yet got an infection so had a short stay for 2 weeks before going home.Every pregnancy differs for premature babies delivered at 37 weeks but the most vunerable babies that are born premature are those born between 23-24 weeks.