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premature birth research

what's the latest research on premature births 

In 2021 Borne was launched in the research premature births. To end a premature birth once and for all. universities have just received £100,0000 for such research. 

Bliss has completed some research. they are not researching premature births at the moment in 2022 yet they are currently looking into feeding preterm babies to help prevent the bowel condition call NEC.


Bliss has great news in June 2017 published on their website ..

A research project supported by Bliss has received nearly £1 million to help improve the lives of premature babies. The study started in April 2017 and will continue until 2020.It is  called OPTI-PREM, and aims to improve service delivery for babies born between 27 - 31 weeks gestation of pregnancy by determining the best place of care for them.

Premature babies learning through play.....

Grant awarded to the amount of £134,594 for research to see if premature babies learn more by whether babies who are born very prematurely could benefit from taking part in special play activities, supported by their parents, around three months after their original due date.
“Evidence suggests that just 10 minutes of certain play activities each day at this age helps babies who were born at full term to get better at moving and exploring objects, activities that are essential to learning,” says Dr Ford. These simple, quick and inexpensive play activities also seem to improve babies’ social understanding and their ability to interact with caregivers. The benefits seem to persist for months after babies stop taking part in the play activities.
“We believe babies who are born very prematurely may benefit from these play activities too, and this funding gives us an exciting opportunity to find out whether that’s true,” says Dr Ford of Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

More funding which started in 2016 for the study of premature births is ...

developing a new way to predict a premature birth

Professor Nigel Klein, of University College Londons Institute of Child Health in which women are at risk of premature birth, so they can be monitored more closely and offered extra care in an attempt to prolong their pregnancy and delay their babies birth.In its hoped new treatments will help reduce the number of premature babies being born too soon.

 In January 2022 tommy's charity is currently undergoing research to identify the reasons of a premature birth. they have also developed an app called QUiiP it shows which pregnant women are likely to give birth premature.

Found out that putting a stitch higher up in the cervix saves more than 50 of premature births than older treatments previously used.

Premature births are quite common research funds,

the latest research and development from this site is they have launched is a campaign to help stop babies being born too soon last updated 6th January 2022.

the latest current research in progression now is .help to prevent a spontaneous preterm birth. reducing the risk of a premature birth ,development of a new test to identify pregnant women at risk of a premature birth.


plan to look into premature birth research from 2014- 2015 this page updated just below for what particular research is planned for premature births and poorly babies.


The plan from on premature birth research   Action Medical Research is a registered charity in England & Wales (208701) and in Scotland (SC039284).

Fetal growth restriction: new hope for babies whose growth becomes dangerously slow in the womb

Published on 14 November 2013



research in the past few years for premature babies

Cheeky Chums the superstore for premature babies will be contributing as much as possible to help with this premature birth research over the coming year in 2011.We have decided to carry on with this project throughout 2012 too.

More than 350 million printer cartridges and 80 million mobile phones are thrown into landfill sites each year in the UK.

Unfortunately, due to the technology, TRF cannot recycle the majority of ink tanks manufactured by Epson and Canon.Throw away your junk ink cartridges and old mobile phones in an envelope provided by the charity enclosed with any Cheeky Chums order from march 2011 or sooner ( or you can order an envelope direct from will be recycled and the funds raised will go into research for children with disabilities and babies.Through the scheme Action Medical Research will receive £1 for every recyclable inkjet cartridge received and up to £10 for a mobile phone