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premature baby clothes help and advice to stop you wasting money ?

premature baby clothes help in deciding what to buy so you don't waste money unnecessarily. Today we look at your most asked questions in buying a premature baby gift for someone you love. There is nothing worse than buying a present and finding out it isn't wanted. what a waste of time that is isn't it? Or you have wasted your good earned money that could have been better spent on something else. So today we stop you making those mistakes when it comers to buying premature baby clothes. So lets carry on.

How do you know what premature baby clothes gift is going to be suitable?

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if you are buying for a premature baby that isn't your own you'll need to ask a few sneaky questions first. We say sneaky because you may not want the parents to know what you are getting their baby. many shops have small baby clothes that fit prem but at Heaven and Hope we have been supplying real premature babies clothing since 2007 .

These are more slender fitting clothing designed for premature babies. Don't go out and order the first thing you see for convenience. By asking a few valuable questions will be the perfect decision you make. Make the gift you buy the most precious and most loved present the family could ever have wanted for their child. plus its what you yourself have chosen for them.

So what questions do you need to ask the family when it comes to buying premature baby clothes? number one what weight is baby ? If you want a present the baby can use straight away ask them, then at least you know what size in weight to buy for. Next question two Is. Is baby in special care or having more intensive care. In fact tiny babies in special care sleep in hot cots. Therefore can wear what's known as layers clothing.

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This means they can wear ordinary clothing in tiny sizing's made just for premature babies. This list includes vests sleepsuits cardigans hats socks dresses dungarees leggings. The third question is it for a boy girl If baby hasn't been born yet and the scan hasn't revealed the sex then we have lots of unisex lines always in stock too.

In the specialist intensive care then you could buy different premature baby clothes. called neonatal clothes. Outfits that are designed for any wires to be threaded through or a pulse oximeter lead attached to the foot thus avoiding buying closed in sleepsuits.

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why are premature babies so small?

so we also answer this question why are premature babies so small ? In pregnancy a baby grows for 40 weeks gestation. The first trimester is the development of inner organs body parts. By 12 weeks the baby is fully formed. The next stage in the womb is growth for a baby everything just getting bigger baby gets bigger in size length, known as the second trimester and all organs inside baby's body work now to be compatible with an amniotic sac. The third stage is maturity of inner organs to work in the outside world. and in the final weeks weight gain as a baby lays down fat deposits.

So imagine if a baby was born at only 25 weeks pregnant. the baby would not be very long ? no chunky little legs that look like a newborn baby. Or even inner organs not matured enough. This could be complicated by such a simple of a task of taking a bottle to move a bowel movement due to drinking milk instead of amniotic fluid. That's why they can get nec necrosis of the bowel due to it not being ready to work yet in the outside world. and so on. So many complications arising due to immaturity.

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what kind of clothes do you need for a premature baby ready for home?

winter premature baby clothes

Going home day is a brilliant feeling for a parent of a premature infant . Imagine you buying them a warm coat to leave hospital in and a nice snuggly outdoor hat too. They would be over the moon with this from you. Premature babies can leave home once they are at least 3lb in weight they also have to pass other tests too. but at least here at Heaven and Hope you know snowsuits coats jackets and car seat pramsuits are in plentiful supply here from that size onwards..

Premature baby clothes at Heaven and Hope

The following lines are made in more realistic body sizes to that of a premature baby. What does that mean for a mum buying premature baby clothing from Heaven and Hope? They are not way too big around the tummy. They are available Shorter in the sleeves. The sizes do not look overpowering as in some premature baby clothing available on the high street.

Which lines of the premature baby clothing do you need to look out for at Heaven and Hope ?

Nanny Nicu TM ,Titch TM ,Snuggies TM ,Something Precious TM In safe hands TM ,Effronte Amour TM, Nicu SmoothiesTM ventilator vests.

Premature baby clothes for incubators at Heaven and Hope
Incubators change all the time as technology gets better. Some hospitals have incubators with portholes in which to attend to baby better without loosing vital heat to keep baby warm. Its is often difficult to dress premature baby through the port holes that's why the NICU,HDU and SCBU range of premature baby clothes at Heaven and Hope make it much easier to dress your baby. Nanny Nicu have been developed through research and development with the direct input from the neonatal nursing specialists. Nanny Nicu are available in trendy rainbow colours and attractive prints.

More Premature baby clothing brands at Heaven and Hope

After hunting globally for premature baby clothes the following brands at Heaven and Hope are also made in smaller prem sizes that are not way too big for slender bodies look out for these brands at Heaven and Hope C.J or Europe.

clothing for prem babies after covid

Can you still order prem clothing for tiny babies since covid happened in 2019.
Lots of shops closed in the high street ever since covid contributed to the workforce forced to shut down. It had an impact on many venues including small high street shops. local wholesalers. Some closed permanently. It was due to the fact that bills still had to be paid for the buildings the stock was located at. Whether it was a tiny shop or a large unit to house vast quantities of infant clothing stock. The footfall stopped hence closures everywhere. it was such a shame. Not only did wholesalers close but that cut off supply chains to high street shops that only catered for babies. One store affected was mothercare. You hardly see any of the smaller outlets anywhere now.

Another issue that comes to light is brexit. stopping shipments at customs and infant clothing returned back to the online shops. Therefore the orders reduced dramatically. poor customers no baby wear from overseas if the paperwork is stopping them going to their new owners.