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preterm babies development

babies development

the premature baby and delayed development baby milestones what next

(As a guide Always remember if your baby was  born 2 months premature then its normal development will only be reached 2 month later than a baby that went to full term. its very dangerous to compare the development of a premature baby to that of a friend of family's baby that went to full term 38-42 weeks gestation yet born on the same day).

Physical skills helping baby reach development baby milestones normally reached from 0-6 months. Includes large motor skills involving major parts of the body and small fine motor skills hand eye co-ordination.

The first few weeks are sleeping and growing time.Getting baby into a good routine is a possitive step in parenting  a newborn. Regular feeding pattern sleeping pattern.Promotion of  the sensory development .The premature baby may need to adjust to any medication, milk feeds etc and can catch colds very easily. The premature baby can be more prone to getting infections.If baby does not have any physical needs or disability that stops play the following activities are good to promote a baby's good muscle tone during the first few months.

A cot musical wind up mobile put baby in moses basket then into the cot and let baby watch and listen  fixing eyes on an object, it will help develop eye movements and focusing vision on objects close by.
Placing baby on your shoulder position encourages baby to develop strong neck muscles and lead to supporting the head freely as baby gets stronger.playing peek aboo will get your baby to look at you and smiling occurs from 6 weeks old.Its important to talk to baby at every opportunity to face baby towards you face and enjoy conversation even if it sounds wishy washy baby talk. Baby soon will start to respond to you make coo and ahh noices in return.
As baby becomes more alert during the day a kick and play blanket is good to help baby get used to knowing he/she has hands,can wriggle,kick legs feely vibrating soft toys are good as over time baby will try to bat the toy,touch and feel objects pass toys from one hand to another and eventually turn from tummy to back and from back to tummy.Rolling over.
leaving baby in one position all day is'nt good as baby can develop a condition called flat head syndrome.
Toys- ones that make sounds to develop good hearing, rattles,musical wind up toys,kick and play bouncy chairs with toy rail,toy gym that baby can play under toys keys baby can learn to graps,teething rings.

 looking at emotional and social development in the premature baby

an insight into the Social and Emotional skills. A baby needs you the parents from day one to help him or her to reach those first early child developmental milestones.

Social and Emotional skills.premature baby milestones

A newborn baby relies on its parents to meet its every need. It Crys yet doesn't understand why.Baby feels hungry or distressed in some way and crying is the only way of letting you know its needs. A parent has to get to know and interperate those needs even if it may seem you try everything such as nappy changes, feeding, cuddles then sleep to eventually determine Ah yes that has finally made baby settle.Gradually it becomes more easier for you to determine what Baby needs as each cry seems a little different.A baby recognises your voice and can  be soothed easly as you communicate with baby in the soft tones of your voice.Singing lullabyes or nursery rhymes whilst rocking bbay to sleep.Creating that loving environement for baby.Its important to talk to baby cuddle and give the love  a baby needs compared to stress arguments that baby can hear between some adults. A baby can sence feelings and pick up on an anxious parent.

Leaving baby in a pram or cot all day whilst a parent plays on Pc games or face book isnt good.Baby needs the social interaction of other adults even siblings at this early newborn -6 months stage. You will especially notice this at 6 weeks Plus with a first smile from baby  the coos and ahhs those first sounds are a good indication that baby is coming along developmental wise in these areas.
providing your baby with enough stimuli to encourage Intellectual development.Introducing play activities to promote  baby to babble, talk, communicate. promote learning through the  5 sences which are Sight,Sound,Taste,Touch Smell.

premature baby problems

If a premature baby was born very early on say 23-28 weeks brain injuries causing any long term effects are not always picked up on at birth.Its only when baby doesnt start to reach the developmental milestones that a mum starts to notice these things and so refers them onto the health visitor any concerns. Baby may develop poor muscle tone,may feed poorly as in cases such as  cerebral palsy.Monitoring baby over a longer length of time may prove that eventually everything gets back to normal. With care, and health check ups baby can get any specialist help when the health practitioners decide the time is right to make more necessary assessments or long term  effects of being premature ie Sight Problems .

What can you do to encourage your baby to talk and promote hearing . To say those first sounds such as ooh aww coos smiles etc. You need to chat to baby in soothe tones of voice, look at baby making eye to eye contact, tickle baby when baby is alert more times of the day and have fun without causing baby to get upset. (ie Sometimes daddy's get carried away and want to throw baby up in the air).making brumm noices on babys tummy so baby can feel the vibrations and hear the sounds you are making. Pulling raspberry sounds with your mouth baby will eventually start to chuckle with delight.Singing,lullaby rocking baby gently ,reading stories ,hearing the sound of a comforting voice.


provide soft texture rattles,that crinkle,feel soft to the touch,rolling toys with musical sounds Encourageing bay to focus with the eyes to see and reach and become interested in things that move.Plus when baby gets around 6m and becomes more interested in toys provide toys that baby can explore without being a chocking hazzard.When you feel baby is ready to start solid foods its a good way to introduce different flavours for baby to taste, to smell home good food cooking . Do not use ready meals as they contain salt which can kill babies.