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measurements stillborn baby clothes

measurements for stillborn baby or tiny baby loss clothes

A nurse, chaplin or close family member can take 4 simple baby measurements for baby stillborn or tiny baby loss clothes,if its too distressing for the immediate family to do so.
 Custom sized Burial outfits.You do not have to worry that a particular burial outfit will fit baby.Made with comfortable cotton in white new styles added often.tiny baby loss, stillborn baby clothes,stillbirth clothes, miscarriage clothes to fit tiny baby.
Pass these measurments onto us and we will ensure your outfit will be made to measure. This is especially useful for particular medical conditions in infants such as Hydrocephalus.
See pictures below of the measurements needed for a particular order.
   1.                              2.                            3.                      4.
1. shoulder to ankle
2. left to right across the tummy
3. shoulder to wrist.
4. head circumference near forehead ( plus from front to back in cases of Hydrocephalus)
To Order a size to fit, by supplying your measurements tel 01942 254259 or 0800 121 6424 or in an emergency for a faster order tel mobile 07891888761 (customers only).

What is a baby dressed in at the hospital in a case of a miscarriage or stillbirth in mid pregnancy? Most times nothing just a huge towel a blanket or presented on a tray which distressed one mum and midwife it had a lasting hurtful impression for many years to come.


Something Precious Stillborn Baby clothes sizes start from 12cm. simple openings and fastenings for ease of dressing. your Baby's final resting day is made to feel extra special.You may only get just one chance ever to dress your baby in something distinguished and dignified in tiny sizes that fit.

Something Precious tiny baby loss clothes allow baby to wear proper baby clothes that fit better compared to wearing dolls clothes, because there is nothing else.
The colours of most of these gentle baby bereavement clothes are designed to reflect the symbol of purity and innocence.
We can tailor for special bespoke orders in case you want a more traditional baby pink, baby blue or lemon shade or even an outfit made from your wedding dress..
there will be Less distress for your family compared to seeing your tiny baby presented in just a large sheet or towel and nothing else at birth.

After a family needed a 2lb outfit for a baby loss I was devastated in not being able to meet the families requirements so something Precious was sourced to meet the need. years later The range for tiny babies under 2lb has increased to provide all you need to dress a baby from top toe including micro socks and nappies for 1lb babies.

Most outfits are bespoke orders so mums can order what they want baby to wear not just donations sent into the hospital because there is nothing else

 we had the privilege to turn a mums future dream into a reality for her little one born stillborn at 26 weeks gestation. her wedding dress was created into gown and a bonnet her comments when seeing them finished was ?you took the thoughts in my head and created them into what I most imagined?.
This service has now been included to make a mums future dream for baby turned into reality (even though its not in the best circumstances but makes that dream come true for you). Telephone our office and a sensitive member of the staff can discuss your requirements if you want your special occasion wedding dress made into a gown and bonnet/hat for your lovely baby.Stunning baby loss baby wear totaly unique for you.