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flying with a baby holiday

flying with a baby holiday with baby UK overseas

flying with a baby holiday with baby uk and abroad

flying with a baby for the first time can be quite daunting. This article looks at holidays with babies for uk and overseas. So which type would suit your family down to a T.

flying with a baby which comes first ?


The first important thing to consider before flying is the passport. each child has to have their own passport when flying for the first time overseas. At present 30/3/22 the cost for a child passport is £49.00. there are things you have to do and one of them is to have the child's identity confirmed by someone . The whole list of who can do this for you is on the governments site for passport for a child.

order one in plenty of time before booking your holidays. Next have you decided on a holiday destination yet. Child friendly holidays are a must when flying taking children abroad.

The last thing you need is to turn up at a hotel where its for older people and not a child insight. adults sometimes prefer quiet places without children and noises. especially around the poolside. Ask also if it will be occupied by hen nights too prior to booking in case your baby cant sleep with all the partying going on.

How hot is it were you are going babies do not cope with heat so avoid very hot climate locations.

flying with a baby what to take on holiday

At the airport you can carry frozen breast milk in the hold hall. you cannot carry it in hand luggage. you can have milk in containers up to 2000ml. These would be screened at security if in your hand luggage,

personally I would have milk in both just incase of a lost suitcase in transit. You can carry enough baby food for the holiday journey there is no limit. sterilized water can also be taken up to 2000ml per container too.

you'll need a baby buggy to push baby everywhere on holiday, take a sun canopy or sun shade. do not use a blanket to cover the pram. Especially in a hot climate as this will increase the temperature of baby inside the pram.

Check the place as a travel cot or take your own if someone has free arms to carry it for you. it's always good to go with another family or grandparents' to assist here. suncreams are a must, use the highest factor such as factor 50. baby can join you in the pool to cool down. Use a swim nappy to prevent soiling the pool for other users. always use a baby sun hat to shade away from a hot sunshine.

holiday with a baby in uk non flying

where would you like to go on holiday as a family . travelling on holiday with a baby in the UK. Picking a holiday resort such as Butlins has amenities such as rides food outlets supermarket on site and clubs where children are allowed. You can order a cot from them when you place a booking . They do not offer a baby sitting service.

Its advisable to take a trusted family member or go with another family. Therefore if you want a night alone with no children. You could then swap and have theirs in turn.

Pontins is not recommended by us anymore dirty nappies around the poolside dirty changing rooms and bed bugs have been found so you may want to visit a place before staying if you are unsure. Also try trip advisor for reviews from other families who took their children.