early baby premature infant mummys role

Early babies and the premature baby  mummy's role with baby in the first few weeks.

Mummy gives birth early,baby is an earlybaby born before 37 weeks.

As soon as baby is born and is checked over if very early or poorly or in need of direct nursing care because of tiny little lungs are not quite ready for the big wide world the Neonatal nursing staff whisk baby off to the neonatal intensive care unit. leaving behind bewildered parents worried sick.Dad gets the job of ringing around the family telling them the good news its a boy or its a girl but what about mummy. If it was a c section you will be too drowsy to walk around and nip over to the intensive care unit to see your early baby just yet, so you have to learn patience which only comes by the nailbiting tough experience.
All you may have is a quick snapshot photo of your little ones face immediately taken after the early delivery.
Once baby has been settled and connected to wires in the nicu then the nicu staff may wheel you over in a chair or if you are able to walk you get to spend the first few moments with your early arrival.
Depending how much nursing care your baby has will mean how much time you will get to be more involved in the direct care needs yourself.The last thing you would want is to be in the way so doing what you can when you can is the best way forward.

First touch for earlybaby

Speak to the nurses every step of the way and even if you only get to sit by baby's incubator stroking a finger or choosing what clothes baby can wear each day makes all the difference until you can become more actively involved and both be home together.New Arrivals

Early cuddles with baby

Known as kangaroo care,This skin-to-skin contact benefits both you and your baby.Even an early baby needs cuddles and he or she will know your scent, touch and the rhythms of your speech and breathing, and will enjoy feeling that closeness with you. Kangaroo care can help your baby:

  • Maintain his body warmth
  • Regulate his heart and breathing rates
  • Gain weight
  • Spend more time in deep sleep
  • Spend more time being quiet and alert and less time crying
  • Have a better chance of successful breastfeeding (kangaroo care can improve the mother's breastmilk production)

Kangaroo care has emotional benefits for you, too. It builds your confidence as you provide intimate care that can improve your baby's health and well being. You are giving something special to your baby that only you can give. By holding your baby skin-to-skin, you will feel the experience of new parenthood and closeness to your baby. Kangaroo care is healing in many ways, for both you and your baby.

Ask the NICU staff about its policy on kangaroo care each hospital is different.

First washes and bath time for your earlybaby

Here is what one mum expressed after bathing her tiny early baby for the first time even with oxygen attached up her nose.
"our baby girl clearly enjoyed the experience as much as we did. She stayed calm throughout, and her oxygen saturations hovered at or near 100 the entire time; it was rare to see them stay so high for so long.The bath was our first true indication that our baby was responsive to our touch in a positive way. Too often, the nurses said, NICU babies are agitated by any kind of touch, any kind of stimulation. They have been poked and prodded so much by so many people that they associate all human contact with bad things. This is why touching an holding them early - as early as possible - is so important."
You may be discharged home but baby needs to be there longer so visits to and from home and to the hospital may be a regular occurance during the first few weeks in hospital or until baby is strong enough to be able to come home. 
P.S even daddy can share the role but this is just to make mummy feel extra special too looking after an earlybaby.