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clothes for preemie babies

clothes for preemie babies

clothes for preemie babies can you get them so small ?

yes in this article you'll find all you need to know about clothes for preemie babies ordered from England in the United Kingdom.

Your Ultimate Guide To buying Clothes For Preemie Babies

clothes for preemie babies from the UK only.
Planning for your munchkin’s arrival can be overwhelming, especially when it’s your first time, and the real problem incurs when you have to deliver the baby earlier than expected. In the case of a preemie baby, the parents are hardly prepared for their clothing, but there are various brands that can help you get the best clothes for preemie babies. So, are you ready to find the perfect fit for your baby?

British brand with specialist clothes for preemie babies. The business owner of Heaven and Hope has been providing clothing for preemie babies since the year 2007. In addition, they have a special range of specialized incubator babywear, which are perfect for your babies staying in the neonatal and special care units.

They have a special range for NICU babies as well, both for girls and boys. Some of their clothing includes sleepsuits no feet in, multi fastener bodysuits, velcro vests, nursery hats, bodysuit wraps, and more.

preemie clothing
Heaven and Hope preemie infant sizes galore all under one store

The clothes for preemie babies specialist superstore is based in the UK and has the widest variety of preemie clothing for baby girls and baby boys. Plus Unisex, These unisex clothes for preemie babies in NICU and low birth weight babies are great. They offer practicality and come in cute prints you wont find anywhere else..

There is a wide range of comfortable velour sleepsuits, vests, and cardigans available. Moreover, Heaven and Hope offer 1lb baby wear stocking extensive choices crochet and knitted clothes . On top of everything, they have special little first feed trial bibs and stay put scratch mittens for your little baby who was adamant about being early!

Some market stalls have prem clothes but only come in two sizes. yet at Heaven and Hope you are guaranteed to find all you need in all the preemie baby sizes. If you had to welcome your baby earlier than planned, it’s obvious that you want to keep them happy and comfortable during their life on the NICU and SCBU ward .Its because they may have spend weeks there until ready to go home. Heaven and Hope understand this that's why the range is so wide and fabulous.

There's always something cute colourful and very small in stock. and knitwear, mitts and hats, bodysuits, multipacks, rompers, trousers, leggings, shoes, and booties to ensure all the clothing needs are covered, so you don’t have to worry about anything. What’s best about this brand is the softest colors that will look splendid on your babies.

How To Find The Right Clothes?

Now that we have shared information about the preemie baby clothing brands, it’s important to choose the right clothing. To illustrate, the preemie baby ready to go home on discharge needs the same clothes as a full-term baby. The list can include warm mittens, coat or pramsuit / snowsuit in Winter and Spring time months. Next Thicker sleepsuits, full bodysuits, bigger preemie vests, and outdoor wear hats. However, you need to be extra careful about the size. It’s evident that you want the clothes that fit but also provide room to grow, so you don’t have to spend every time your baby grows. Having said that, the best way to choose the right size is considering the weight, such as 1-2lb, 2-3lb3-5lb5-8lb, next is newborn that goes up to 12lb.
Some supermarket have generic prem sizes as follows
Three pounds premature – for babies up to 1.4kg
• Four pounds premature – for babies up to 1.8kg
• Early baby – for babies up to 2.3kg
Tiny baby – for babies up to 3.4kg
However, once the baby is 7.5 pounds to 8 pounds, the baby will be considered full-term, and you can start purchasing clothes based on months.

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Important Aspects Of Preemie Baby Clothing

In addition to choosing the right brand and size, some other aspects should be considered, including;
• The clothing must have easy access, such as Velcro straps and access snaps that help with undressing and dressing
• It’s better to opt for cotton or velour clothing because it’s warm and comfortable for the preemie babies
• Make sure there are no nickel based rivets, studs, or poppers because they can irritate the baby’s skin
So, are you ready to shop for special preemie clothing?