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cherished gowns angel babies born sleeping

angel baby gown babies born alseep

cherished baby gowns angel babies born sleeping bereavement clothing

as your angel baby been born sleeping or very sadly passed away at birth ?looking for something so precious to dress your baby in to cherish forever.many years ago when a baby died it had nothing to wear if it passed away early on as in a miscarriage or a stillbirth. mums had to witness their baby being whisked away at birth not even seen and cremated as soon after delivery and was told " to Get on with life."

Baby burial gowns for babies born angels

how sad to not ever have had a glimpse of an angel baby way back in the 1960's in the many hospitals have a much more sensitive approach to angel babies.

hospitals have a bereavement suite where the immediate family delivery a stillbirth can do so in private comfort,loving tenderness to spend time with baby before going to the funeral directors for a funeral service. nowadays families can also bath and dress baby tenderly in some clothes that have bought themselves. hospitals can donate knitted gowns and hats too but these are free.

established in 2007 Something Precious introduced Baby burial gowns clothing and attire for a tiny babies bereavement. giving mums the chance to choose something they have picked out themselves, a pure white collection and soothing pastel shades and in 2016 even more choices styles and cute prints in tiny baby sizes for babies born sleeping under 24 weeks.

if you don't fancy a burial gown and would prefer a baby grow or rompersuit Cheeky chums also supply in abundance many syles for tiny babies forever sleeping in the bereavement section of the website.

burial gowns clothing and sleepwear burial attire

charities that make second hand wedding dresses into burial clothes.

 charities also offer second hand wedding dresses donated to charities that turn them into bereavement gowns for tiny babies.