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Do you need to buy premature babies clothes for a 3lb baby or even smaller?

wondering what sizes they come in and what available choices there are for premature babies? so lets fill you in before you waste money.

forget buying a cheap premature outfit where the hat is on the same hanger but in its on plastic bag these hats do not match up in size to the outfit ,often that hat is much larger and the mittens are baggy too. what a waste money only to just wear one item in the set. Cheeky Chums have stopped stocking this item from wholesalers for premature babies many years ago so mums wouldn't get ripped off

So what's the solution to make shopping for premature babies sizes Easier,Better,and Happier for you by shopping at Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore?

  • Cheeky Chums stock every incubator clothes item and accessories overflowing in premature babies sizes, there will be plenty of clothes choices in the sizes you need.

  • Cheeky Chums have taken the level of bespoke premature baby clothes, Nicu Baby clothes and SCBU baby clothes up another level which means made to order - made for a particular baby of the family, fitting your individual requirements.

  •  Something different and special, you name it its here!

  • From frilly tiny baby socks,baby grows in vibrant colours as well as pinks and blues,cardigans sets that fly off the shelves as soon as they are in stock, to dummies to help settle a distressed baby for tiny fit the most micro of premature babies+.

twin clothesID YOU KNOW Most baby shops carry a basic line in premature babies clothes but do they carry Incubator clothes?

What does that mean for you ?

  • You could be disapointed and not buy all you need to dress your baby from top to toe.

  •  You may not find the size you need if your premature baby is very tiny. How awful if you have to take them home and cut them to make them smaller.

  • So if baby is poorly and needs to spend time in the NICU, or SCBU some smaller baby clothes may not be designed for the Incubator.It therefore offers no practicality for you or the nursing staff when dressing with difficulty anyhow through incubator portholes.

  • Basic lines mean not much variety,less choices making it hard for you to find just something different, special and nicer the than the norm, to dress your precious little one who deserves nothing but the best.