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premature baby clothes in scbu

scbu information

scbu is a short word used to describe a special care baby unit of a maternity ward. It's the one where babies stay in preparation for going home. the other two have more intensive care needs from nursing staff. known as NICU or HDU. not every hospital has all three units.

scbu meaning deffinition

scbu meaning refers to a special care baby unit in the first instance. Depending on babies care needs at birth determines which unit they will stay on .one thing to remember is the age in weeks baby is delivered at determines the weeks of a stay in hospital for your child.

So if baby only reached 26 weeks of pregnancy. The estimated time the baby will stay there would be 14 weeks in hospital. They wouldn't always go straight to scbu either. They may need a more intensive unit. ie the NICU or HDU.

what can you expect when a premature baby is looked after in SCBU

1.If you are too poorly after giving birth to take photos yourself of your tiny baby ask a nurse or partner .Its important not to avoid seeing baby as every hour counts even if its only a quick glance of new pics until you can be wheeled down to the NICU orSCBU.

Remember to takes lots and lots of baby pictures Not only to treasure baby memories from day one, but to help keep your mind off the fact you will be so frustrated that you cannot take your newborn baby home just yet.

2.Try to be involved in the care of your early baby, as soon as the hospital staff say you can do. Not only will it help you bond with baby, but you will feel more in control in some of the care that you can give your ever so tiny baby.

baby too will settle as he/she will recognise your voice instantly as you talk to baby at the side of the cot even sing lullabyes or read a baby story too.It will Help to relieve some of the stress caused by traumatic early birth.Plus seeing your little one looked after in SCBU instead of being allowed home . 

 3. Don?t bottle up your feelings, nurses can give you good moral support when you need it as well as talking to your partner or other members of your family.You will feel a lot better by sharing your built up emotions with others. The whole experience of having a premature sized infant can leave you with feeling out of your depth.

4.keep an Early Baby Diary.Record every moment good or bad.every milestone your baby reaches as it is one step further to you taking him/her Finally home.

5.Chat to other mums on the ward. You may be surprised, as well other new mums sharing their experience with you,and giving each other moral support, it also can be a way of generating new friends with mums of premature babies,which could even develop lifelong friendships between your premature children.You will find crying on their shoulder helps and then they too will come to you when they are worried about their little one. Making it less of a burden on yourself. Especially if your partner cannot always be with you or family member.

why is it that babies need special care?

Babies of all ages at some point after birth need some type of special care.a newborn needs non biological washing powders for their own washing because they have very sensitive skinYou wouldnt use a lufa to scub babys back because its way too rough.You opt for cotton wool balls to gently wash baby because they are soft.You sterlize baby equipment such as bottles, dummies and teats to keep germs at bay. 
 Imagine a tiny baby that should only have been in the womb for protection and growth for a 40 week gestation ,if its been born early it needs an atmosphere similar to that of a mothers womb in order to grow, gain weight and mature internal organs until stable enough to live without any help.
This is where an incubator comes in to play its like a womb but made from a solid material.It has componants to ensure a babys temperature and warmth are manitained,oxygen is given to baby if needed via specialist artificial machines.It keeps baby safe and protected from bumps.When a mum falls whist pregnant the amniotic fluid would cushion baby so the incubator simulates the mothers womb as near as possible.
Sometimes a baby born needing surgery may need special care, they could being suceptable to infections easily due to wounds closed with sutures.They could need immediate breathing assitance until strong enough again.Babies with heart problems needing surgery in a few days can be kept a closer eye on here in the special care units just in case ermergency medicines need to be given.
Sometimes they are not quite strong enough for surgery which has to be put off just a few days longer.
But one thing to remember is that a baby in the special care baby unit will get the utmost care and medicines to assist baby back to full health,so they really are in the best possible place until recovered.
top questions on a premature baby

Q.1 My wife had twins at the weekend one weighs 3lb the other 4 and a half pound will they both come home at the same time when they gain enough weight Im anxious to show them to the rest of the family.

Depends on a few things really are they tube feed or bottle fed.Do they need assistance when breathing if babies are on a ventilator then they need  to be stable enough to breath without assistance before being allowed home.

A 1 One twin may come home earlier than the other and your wife may also have to be prepared to be discharged leaving babies behind for a while in the capable hands of the NICU or special care baby unit which ever they are looked after in.

Q2 Hi I?m due to be booked in for an induction next week i shall be 38 weeks will my baby be premature I?m scared in case he has to stay in special care baby unit sbcu .

A.2 No babies under 37 weeks are clased as premature babies 38 weeks are classed as full term and providing everytthing goes ok with the birth there shouldn?t be any problems to warrant a stay in the NICU.

Q3 My baby is 4 pound and all that?s stopping her from coming home is feeding regular I want to breast feed how can I help her come home quicker.

A.3 If the hospital have an ensuite mums can stay for a short while to get used to being with baby and feeding try not to let them give a top up bottle once you have started if baby isn?t in distress she will become hungry by depending on you and then you can then establish a better pattern to feed her.

Q 4.I want to put my premature baby in real nappies when I come home is there anyone that sells them small enough.

A.4 yes look on the internet some companies specialize in preemie baby nappies that are reusable.

Q.5 Where can I get  premature sized baby clothes from, the newborn ones are way to big and my son is looking stupid in the donated ones.

Heaven and Hope stock the widest variety of clothes just for preemie babies including scbu outfits click on the baby clothes department from the menu section. links on the website homepage to see the whole range.

what clothing do babies need in scbu.

vests, babygrows,hats,cardigans, scratch mittens, socks. you can choose clothing from the website directly by premature birth weight or boys premature clothes or girls premature clothes