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how do babies learn ? How to teach and give your baby the best educational start from birth to teens.

wondering how you can give your child the best start in life ? Did you know it starts from birth and with you as a parent ? here you can know the secrets of what makes your child learn so easily providing you help them too.
Discover yourself how to create the best learning environment for your baby that doesn't cost the earth.Find out what makes young children tick and how to control temper tantrums in 2 years olds.Learn easily how children get a good education from just 3 years of age.Plus take a peak into the insight of how to bring the best out of naughty children. 
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Babies 0-1 year
Points to note first....

When you are finally home from hospital with your baby, or after a home birth and the midwives have left you to it to bring up baby,it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Especially for the first time mum or a mum who has had a break from having children for a few years.

As a parent, your baby will be totally dependant on you to Survive.

If you imagine a baby bird in its nest, it opens its mouth as if to say feed me and the mother bird comes back time and time again to care for its young. It is born blind and totally helpless and as it grows eventually it flourishes until it is ready to fly the nest and make a new life of its own.


Every day your baby has basic needs which need to be put into place in order for it to grow up fit and healthy emotionally stable,happy and contented.

As a parent you need to make sure your baby is kept

1                    Safe

2                    Has Food/drink

3                    Given Warmth

4                    Made Comfortable

5                    Kept clean

6                    Needs rest and sleep

7                    Stimulation through play

8                    Have love and cuddles.
Now you have the basics of what parenting a baby is all about, what next? Well  here are 7 things you can teach your baby during the first year.You don't just leave baby to do it alone as baby's muscles and curiosity develops so you can begin to let baby learn and move onto each and the next developmental milestones.
In just a couple of weeks after birth a sleeping newborn baby becomes more active.During the first year of life a baby will grow and learn.As babys muscles become stronger your baby will eagerly want to kick play and start to make gurgle sounds trying to talk.
1.To move,roll over.
2. To sit up
3. To reach and play with toys
4. To become mobile or crawling
5. To feed him/herself
6.To speak making first sounds and words
7.To walk.