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heaven and hope about us

Premature clothes shop mission statement of Heaven and Hope.

Heaven and Hope provide the smallest baby clothes you will ever see in the UK. Manufacturer and an online superstore.Its sole purpose- to meet the whole clothing needs for the tiniest baby ever born. Incredible sizes start from the 16th week of pregnancy. Giving parents choices they decide what to dress their baby in. Weather its an outfit of comfort for a final sleep. Or something to wear in an incubator if born prematurely. dressed in cosy soft fabrics in adorable prints. Based in lancashire for the widest range of tiny outfits ever made.visit the website now at

Heaven and Hope the business


  • Heaven and Hope make it easier to source Premature baby clothes, giving customers intensive choices to pick from in the smallest of low birth weight sizes.
  • Early pregnancy loss....sizes have now gone even smaller for Tiny baby bereavement clothes. supplying every item of bereavement clothes for very early baby loss or miscarriage from 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards. Giving babies the dignity and respect and to feel the warmth of wearing appropriate clothes, settled for a final sleep for babies funeral service. Provider of Clothes Cards,Blankets micro teddy bears etc since 2007
  • The staff are dedicated to the care, safety and well being of young children and will go out of their way to make sure the tiniest babies never need to go without.
  • Heaven and Hope offer the widest choices all around -the- board in the UK such as stocked full with different early baby clothing brands to what's already available in Britain, offering numerous designs in baby grows, there's an abundance of brightly coloured outfits for sale, broad size preferences to pick from for a more comfortable fitting. Plentiful Styles introducing tiny baby clothes in modern, traditional, unique,and practical clothing for hospital care in NICU, HDU, SCBU, Post Op, Cosy Home time Wear, Warmer Outdoor clothes  and Exclusive Special Occassion sets. Plus daily essentials to hand such as Crisp clean Nappies Soothing Dummies and no scratches with tiny little mittens.

heaven and hope business

The Knowledge of babies and young children

  • The business owner is a qualified baby and under 8's specialist with over 27 years working experience in the field .The knowledge of good parenting is offered freely to help families needing help and relevant information.
  •  As a regular writer and contributor to social networking groups. You can Find important questions on childrearing spread all across the board.
  • As premature babies can sometimes be poorly heaven and hope keep parents informed with new technology, headline news effecting babies and young children. Heaven and Hope offer many online outlets so parents can discover the latest news, new medicines, technical terms as it is anounced and can read the resources at hand.
  • Heaven and Hope use Twitter, Facebook Blog posts and write Articles which are delivered daily. Heaven and Hope welcomes followers, customer comments, feedback, news posts, photos, videos, from the public to help raise awareness and to encourage other families to keep positive too.

baby shop heaven and hopeShopping for tiny early baby clothing

  • Finding cute early baby clothing in the tiniest of sizes that are practical, safe and cosy too can sometimes be difficult for parents and families to find quickly, Heaven and Hope offer 24 hour online shopping with phonelines open until late at night. Shopping for tiny baby clothing shouldn't be a nightmare so the staff will go the extra mile to make sure customers needs are met.
  • At Heaven and Hope they provide products for tiny babies to cover all price pockets for families wanting to buy the new addition a gift.
  • Unique tiny baby clothing and handmade items can be located at Heaven and Hope too. There are Extra special outfits and keepsakes giving early babies the precious individuality that is often neglected in the tiniest of sizes.
about us UK Businesses economy and sustainability
  • Heaven and Hope have an evironmental policy which is updated as new ideas are introduced. The staff feel passionate about maintaining an ongoing consistency with Products, Packaging, Promotion and functioning in a working environment which puts into practise energy saving ideas.You can read the current policy here
  • heaven and hope shop online is a Uk based business. welcomes uk business contacts. So many of the early baby clothing items are made in UK helping to sustain the UK economy. if you are a WAHM maybe you can join the team and contribute with the handmade marketing side of Heaven and Hope.In the Longterm heaven and hope would like to encourage growth for you too.

What's different about Heaven and Hope Premature baby clothes shop you may ask yourself ?

Heaven and Hope carry one of Biggest and Widest Range of baby clothing and accessories online for a premature baby. Brightest Clothing Arrangements, Pleasing and likable for early premature and tiny babies.

  •  You are able to buy the trendiest Baby clothes for the tiniest member of the family, everything from top to toe in stock from just one baby in the hardest to find micro early + tiny baby sizes with the minimum of fuss.

  • less frustration searching on the high street or net for something cute and that fits leaving you to spend more quality time bonding with your newborn baby. Ease of ordering knowing if you want to fill a wardrobe full with something that extra special in small baby sizes its all here.Plus a lot of payment methods are made available to you so you can choose from lots of safer and quicker ordering options.

  • At Heaven and Hope theres extra products for premature babies such as nappies, tiny tights, premature baby gift sets clothing accessories and premature baby dummies.

  • Added savings! if you shopped around you will find most of the identical premature baby clothes and tiny baby products at heaven and hope are cheaper than other premature baby shops.

  • Think of that ? identical clothes and then that leaves you with the same item bought for less, then you can use the savings to buy yourself a little treat.

  •  Heaven and Hope try to stock every item a premature infant needs to wear and if it runs out,its sourced quickly to get them replaced for you when you need them quick.

  • Your order sent Well packed in a secure packaging and sealed with A heaven and hope seal..So it reaches you in tip top condition give or take a few creases made during transit.

  • Fast despatch sent out on a fast turnaround on non handmade items usually same day or next working day.

  • Heaven and Hope will be continuing to increase the range made in the uk so you know it hasn't been made in sweat shops overseas or made by under age children.

see what else exciting and interesting as well as shopping you can do at this online baby shop.


Premature baby charities and the involvement by Cheeky Chums
  • Cheeky Chums Become a better parent workshops as featured in local paper.
  • the only online superstore in wigan to cater just for the premature tiny and poorly newborn baby market.
 smallest customer pays a visit at 3lbs in weight she is so cute.