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Tears of joy When you buy from this tiny newborn baby clothes shop

Is Heaven and Hope just another baby shop that sells tiny newborn baby clothes? NO why?
Heaven and Hope explained to Associate Certified Credential coach Heather why its good to choose Heaven and Hope premature baby shop to buy tiny newborn baby clothes from.

Q1.So you sell premature baby clothes so what makes your shop different to Mothercare, or Tesco or the local market, they have premature baby clothes?.

A1.You may find other shops selling premature baby clothes but the lines they have are very limited.You wont find every item you need in any size you need elsewhere. At Heaven and Hope the range gets bigger and better ever day so you can have nice choices in any sizes you need rather than just one brand, or one rigid strict sizing.Heaven and Hope tiny newborn shop started stocking more unique lines,customers are now able to choose in cm what they need. Giving even more choices to dress a tiny baby and in Even more sizing options.
As more business open we have found the prices of these new baby clothes shops that sell prem clothing very expensive to what parents can really afford in these trying times. we keep our handmade uk sourced products more realistically affordable.

Q2. Why does it say 3-5lb on a garment or 5-8lb.
A2..Right then listen to this! Heaven and Hope stock tiny baby clothes from all over the world.Top brands, luxury brands, value brands often sizing is way to big compared to realistic body sizes of premature babies.
To be honest market stalls in UK tend to stock these type of clothes because the really nice premature and tiny baby sized clothes are hard to source from UK wholesalers.

Manufacturers label garments which state sizes 3-5lb etc because they are supposed to fit babies of that body weight but they dont . After scouring the world to find decent baby clothes that fit premature babies we gave up.We found we had to relabel a lot of the clothing we stocked. We even had to make hat sizes smaller.

Have you never noticed sometimes an outfit wont get worn with a hat because the hat falls off so its wasted, by the time it does.
That's why we tell customers prior to ordering what each size is going to be when they receive it. For instance longer in the length, fuller around the nappy area that sort of thing. We give accurate information so you know as much about a product before deciding if its the one suitable for your baby's needs prior to ordering.

Q3.What do you mean by giving parents more choice ?
A3.Well when a mum looks for a premature hat she wants to know that its going to fit? babies are born of different weights some babies can be quite long in length and may take after their daddy going to be tall when they get bigger .Some baby shops that say "oh ours fit" yet may have one size fits all but that is not the case for low birth sized babies.

Heaven and Hope now offer hats in any size,colour, style, material made to fit. A mum or dad can now choose what cm they want thier sons knotted hat to be in.
Or to be able to make the decision or choose which 2 colours of t shirt they like best to add to a pack. As A customer Its all about what do you want ? What do you need and how can we make shopping easier, better, safer or quicker.

Q4. So you own your own brands tell us more about why people should choose these.
A4. Well after a Nana couldnt find a suitable outfit to dress her 2lb baby grandaughter (which had sadly passed away). I scoured the shop even looking for dolls clothes to find an appropriate outfit .
As the owner of Heaven and Hope I was devastated having had to send a customer away with her baby not having anything suitable to wear.So Something Precious was created. baby burial clothes for the tinest of infants.
Then came tiny baby tights and premature baby socks. Mums not having much choice in colours or sizes that actually fit tiny slender legs of premature infants, So Snuggies was sourced to meet parents needs in tiny baby accessories.
Then came NANNY NICU the most popular range carried at Heaven and Hope
A range of Neonatal intensive care unit clothing for wear in incubators and ready for home.
Now these are really special, meetings, research into premature baby body sizes, designing to make sure the clothes allowed for wires,monitor leads,drip feeds etc to be applied easily to baby in the incubator.Colours thought about carefully so mums could have something nice ,fresh, different and above all cute to dress a tiny baby in.
Even to the decision of having a complete set and laundry bags included to keep the washing neatly contained at the hospital.

With so many infections spread around its a lot easier knowing baby has a bag the nurse can pop the clothes into, instead of being left hanging around ready to pick up any germs.
Plus Nanny Nicu are hand made garments to reflect a personalized touch for special babies.
Next came Titch. Titch offers something extra special to dress preemie babies in.In Little Miracle sizes you can find really scrumptious cardigans dresses,one off collections that no one else has in all those hard to locate teeny tiny preemie baby sizes..

Each line of Premature baby and tiny baby clothes are created when the time is right and according to parents needs at a particular time.The latest project tender care By Nanny Nicu offer Post Op surgery clothes for tiny newborns, needing delicate clothes for wear after surgery....

Q5 Is there anything else Heaven and Hope do?
Yes we aim to educate parents in easier child rearing. To give them the best chance to nuture children up in happy family homes. To give their children the best possible start for later life coping themselves as an adult.How we provide this... As the Proprietor at Heaven and Hope My professional qualifications in the early years sector allow me impart to you my Baby, Toddler, Preschool and Early childhood knowledge.After 27 years experience
Blog posts will be daily available giving you as much relevant, uptodate and useful information that would otherwise only be sought after from college and university studies or yourself as a student.

Q6, Do you charge for this service?
A6.No its all free any tips advice or help we can give freely its a pleasure.Parents can find new articles on our website to read when they have free time, they can twitter along with us and find out something new and wonderful about babies and children.or read our blogs for the best honest advice on baby and kids products.You can also enter Heaven and Hope free competitions as and when available.

Q7 What are Heaven and Hope plans for 2023 ?
carrying on with the recycling plan and futher research in to new ways we can be cleaner to our environment. stocking sustainable baby wear located from England. keeping wages local to improve our struggling economy , Offering an even Bigger range of micro sized tiny baby bereavement clothing.
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