Premature Baby Info

Worried in case your baby will be born early and will need to stay in hosptial ?

Find answers to your most worrying questions answered here all you need to know about premature and tiny babies.
Q1. My midwife has said I will have be to be induced because my baby has stopped growing, I am only 34 weeks pregnant does this mean my baby will have to stay in hospital for weeks and weeks?

.During your baby?s stay in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, a team will work closely with your baby. Included in this team are nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, occupational and physical therapists, and YOU, the most important member of the Health Care Team! Your baby will need to be monitored to ensure he/she is breathing properly and feeding well before being sent home. if No problems arrise your baby can be expected to stay a maximum until the expected delivery date you should have delivered by.

Q2.I'm due to deliver my baby quads in a few weeks I have heard it is very tearful seeing a baby in a nicu is this true or is it just rumours.
You may have heard of the baby blues which most mums have after delivery a few days later, well you still will feel like that so seeing baby in a nicu and the worry associated with will he or she make it ? Is what puts added pressure onto both parents seeing baby so helpless in the nicu.Before your child was born, you probably did not expect your baby to arrive early or with medical problems. Having a premature or sick newborn can be a shock to families. You may feel helpless and powerless to help your baby. You may feel scared, depressed, guilty, worried, exhausted, stressed-out, and a lot of other things.Have a look around a nicu whilst you are still pregnant ask your midwife then at least you have been a little prepared of all the equipment needed to take care of a premature baby just in case.


Main worries about a Premature baby,Main Concerns of a baby born early ?

Q3 What is the earliest date I can deliver my baby safely with at least a slim chance or survival?
. 24 weeks is a general age hospitals can fight to save a very premature baby, under this age most hospitals class it as a misscarriage which is very unfortunate but remember a baby needs quality of life thats why the cut off point is in most cases 24 weeks.
 Q4.what is the difference between a nicu and scbu ?
Q5 My wife has just delivered our baby son at 30 weeks I want to come back for more information can I find surgical procedure answers here if the nicu staff are thinking of doing any on my baby?
Yes below the answers at the bottom of the page will be an A -Z of the care, medical procedures and staff involved with or associated with nicu and scbu for premature,sick newborns and tiny babies.All you will need to do is look under the first initial to find the need to know answers quickly and easily
(please note references may occassionally need to be updated if new drugs are added too Cheeky Chums appologies if any information is out of date and will be added to as and when new information becomes available to us)