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Tiny Babe premature infant News

Need to Know Tiny Baby News... need tiny baby socks,premature baby socks in pink or blue.Early baby socks all colours all sizes, premature baby tights for girls 3-5lb ,tiny baby tights 5-8lb,micro preemie baby socks here.
Warning ~ Never buy another pair of socks to fit a tiny baby until your have read this report.
The most up to date important information for mums to be,parents of a premature baby or a tiny baby.

Warning ~ Never buy another pair of socks to fit a tiny baby until your have read this report.
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From: sheila sudlow Baby And Early Years specialist at Cheeky Chums

What most high street baby shops,supermarkets and online baby shop retailors never tell you!

Buying socks for babies should be easy peasy shouldn't it?
What if you need them to fit a 1lb baby do you think its that easy to buy them?
then let us reinforse the facts for you it isn't ?
After a lot of research Cheeky Chums found the following facts that may shock you.
  • Most socks for premature babies are made to fit larger sized babies and newborn babies 10lb and upwards.
  • How do we know because we buy them direct from manufactuers and wholesalers all over the world.We compare them to each other daily.
  • Buying socks sized for a newbaby fall off a baby's feet way to soon after putting them on.
  • Parents are sick of loosing them.
  • We sell them and try them on little customers so we monitor which stay put and which get lost ever too easily.
  • Now going back to a 1lb baby do you know of many places off the top of your head where you may get socks which actually fit from.
  • Would you find the colours you want to mix and match perfectly with all of your babys' own clothes even the very tiny baby sizes 00000 for babies 1lb plus or 3-5lb in weight.
  • What if you spent all day searching finding a store with small sizes in the colour you need, not buying them in case you found them cheaper elsewhere, then forgetting later on which website or shop it was.
  • How frustrating would that be?
Well now for the good news !
  • Cheeky Chums stock socks that fit the most Micro sized of premature babies from 1lb and upwards.
  • Snuggies range offers premature baby wear in the smallest of tiny baby sizes with so much choice our stock rooms are bursting full with refreshing and delightful designs.
  • Snuggies range of socks and tights actually fit premature babies without being to baggy on the tummy for 3-5lb babies.the size 5-8lb come in a more generous size with a special Unique Relief Band Top .You can fold over the top if its a little too big. This makes it easier to dress the baby , without squeezing the tiny body. The stretchability of the body of the tights leaves ample room for growth too. The body of the tights are also seam free no nasty lines down each side of the leg caused by the seam edgings.
  • Snuggies range of tights come in such an array of rainbow colours your baby need never wear the same pair twice in one week.All the other mums will be green with envy wanting their baby to be dressed just as good as yours.
  • If you want a certain type of sock then Snuggies range is so wide so much so that we most probably have it in stock, ankle socks, frilly socks, fold over socks, stripey socks, stripey tights, plain tights, luxury socks, printed socks,patterned socks and guess what all in the ever so tiny premature baby sizes.
  • so dont pass by, no need to cry Snuggies tiny socks are for the taking so click down below the page to buy!


  • easy washable time and time again - wash at 40c
  • lots of styles to choose from - lots of colours to make your selections from
  • nice and stretchy - for a more comfortable fit
  • sizes start as small as 00000 to fit a 1lb in weight baby and upwards


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from northants Premature baby tights...great quality product, very happy! A+ service...


From: scotland aberdeen..I had a wee girl 4 weeks ago. she was 6lbs 12 but still really small and the tights were so big for her. so the tiny baby ones were just fine for her as she is still just in tiny baby clother. so thanks you so much


Thank you! My order arrived very quickly and I am so pleased with the sweet little dress, coat and tights, and have just ordered some more items from you.

Katia Luto




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sheila sudlow

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