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Preemie,special Prem Babies

This page looks at the tiny world of preemie babies from the premature baby's point of view..

Here is william one of the staffs latest family members born a preemie just a few weeks ago

preemie baby



1. DAY 1 MY BIRTHDAY I entered the world as a Preemie 6 weeks early.I didnt cry as the surgeon pulled me from my mummys tummy.I had mucus in my lungs from swallowing amniotic fluid. A nurse took a towel grabbed me and leaned me over to my parents for a quick glimpse.  she used a little blue thing to get the wet stuff from my nose and mouth. Then I felt free, the cold air hit my tiny lungs and a gave my first cry. After being wiped over with a towel and so not to catch cold I was wrapped in bubble wrap.
Bubble wrap! what did they think I was a package for the postman.But it worked wonders.
They took me to the NICU  and wow it did the trick. i was warm as toast until they took it off to stick things on my chest and little hand.I heard the nurse say I needed a little oxygen which they attached to my nose with prongs I didnt like it I moaned and I groaned and kicked like anything but they stuck in place with a plaster.It was not going to come out no matter how much I wriggled. Then they gave me medicine stuff which made me very sleepy.
2. DAY2 I heard my mummys voice today she had been crying she wanted to hold me but I was too sick.She she smiled tenderly as The nurses let her hold my hand.I was in pian I didnt want to be checked every hour I just wanted to sleep I didn't like it when daddy took my photo the camera flashed and it hurt my eyes i wimpered then mummy felt it best just to watch me instead I could  her humming my favourite song as she had done so every night when I was still in her tummy. It felt much better peace at last for now.
3. DAY 3 My nana came today I could hear her talking to daddy "He is such a cutie little preemie baby,he looks like you Peter" she said You was in an incubator too just like William. She got upset seing me so tiny it made her feel sad she went into a family room to have a quiet moment.
Day 4 No tubes yippee well except for a feeding one up my nose. It feels much better I feel full in my tummy as They hold up a syringe and pour yummy white stuff into it.I got my first snuggle with mummy today on her bare chest with my new favourite blanket. it kept me warm and cosy I seemed to sleep for ages without the nurses peeping at me it felt really good.
Day 5 Yeah mummy staying with me in a new room she feeds me now no more tubes.Home time soon me thinks.
Day 7 home time yeah ohh this is good I can see everything as daddy takes me home at last oh I'm so sleepy time for a snooze clutching my scrummy soft blanket and dozing off in my car seat .
At home safe at last. one relieved family with a cute preemie baby.