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Nurse nurses for prem babies

A look at the role of the Neonatal Nurse

Many mums comment on how inspired they feel after seeing their little one is cared for in the NICU by these specialist neonatal nurses.

We take a closer look at the work involved. You too or a friend may be interested in working in this particular field of baby care.Lets see read on...
Hi Julie thankyou for taking the time to talk to us about the role of a neonatal nurse what can you tell us about the role itself....
A Neonatal nurse job role involves working in a specialist neonatal baby care unit (within maternity or children’s hospitals) or in the local community.

Neonatal nurses care for new-born babies who are premature or are born sick. There are a vast number of conditions that can affect a new-born baby and require treatment from specialists within the healthcare team.

Premature babies have particular needs as a result of being born too early, in particular problems with breathing/ respiratory difficulties that can be life threatening if not treated promptly and appropriately by the specialist team. Likewise, the nutritional needs of the sick newborn and premature babies will require specialist care. 

As a neonatal nurse its important to be sensitive to the needs of others, have a caring attitude.As a neonatal nurse has an important role of supporting  parents of the sick baby at a time when they themselves are frightened of losing their child,very anxious and stressed or upset seeing baby coupled up to wires and monitors. As far as possible, the parents and occasionally other family members are encouraged to take an active role in the care of the baby.


 is it hard to become a qualified nurse and then work as a neonatal nurse? ...

In order to become neonatal nurse certified, you will have to go through a rigorous education and training process. Becoming a neonatal nurse involves a very lengthy learning process that will require a lot of dedication on your part. Here are the basics of how to become a neonatal must first become a registered nurse. This will involve you attending a certified nursing program in order to obtain a nursing degree. You will also have to get a bachelor of science in nursing in order to become a registered nurse. Once you become a registered nurse, you will need to go through a certain amount of on-the-job training in order to become a neonatal nurse. Most hospitals will require that you work in a clinical setting for least three years.You could do bank nursing at first to get your foot in the door so to speak.