why do babies cry dreadful 2020

why do babies cry

Why do babies cry that never seems to stop?

Babies cry at the moment of birth. Crying is the way of their communication with the parents. Occasionally a parent may think its dreadful will it ever stop. Sometimes you feel you want a break, especially when you listen to your baby cry for a few hours. Read on to learn why do babies cry!

do babies cry all the time

Reasons why Do Babies Cry?

If your baby is crying, he or she is trying to tell you what they need. What your little one is exactly trying to say to you? Here are some common reasons that babies are trying to communicate.

babies cry because of hunger or thirst

The most common reason for babies crying is hunger, but it is easy to take care of. Your baby will settle down when they start feeding .Breast feeding or bottle feeding. Newborn babies sleep a lot and are hungry a lot. They only drink at this stage . In fact as a baby gets older they start to cry for hunger as they get ready to eat solid foods. Young babies get their thirst needs met by breast bottle or cooled boiled water.

when babies cry due to tiredness

Newborn babies sleep a lot. Too many visitors around and kept awake by being help by different persons your baby will be getting grumpy. Next step is they need their sleep. When too many things going on, older babies often get tired and cry. If they ‘re awake for too long, then they also get overtired. Too tired to sleep and they will fuss a lot. Your baby will signal you by crying, spacing out, yawing and tugging ears. At this point, find a quiet room where he can have a nap.

having a dirty nappy can make babies cry

When your baby starts to cry, check that the nappy is clean or not. Babies have sensitive skin, and poop can irritate their skin,. especially when they have a rash. Smear a thin layer of nappy rash cream on. At the end when you change your baby’s nappy. Fresh air also helps to heal nappy rash. lay your baby on a blanket kicking and playing to ease it for a few minutes . Thrush is common in babies if it becomes red raw, a stronger cream from the doctors is needed if its a fungus infection. your baby will cry more if bleeding patches appear.

babies cry when its too hot or too cold

Your baby’s clothing should be chosen according to the weather. Babies cry when they feel overheated. they don’t love it wearing too many layers making them hot or too even to be too cold. When it is hot outside, choose cotton clothes that keep them cooler. In winter, choosing bodysuit or onesie can be a great choice. Wrap him up in layers when you are headed out. Don’t dress a baby in one thick layer . they will feel uncomfortable and will cry and wont settle.

babies crying baby cry
Mother holding a newborn baby skin-to-skin contact helps to soothe a babies cry

babies cry when they are ill

once you get used to a babies cry you will know when something isn’t right. A high pitched cry can mean a baby is sick. A temperature can make them cry. They will need comforting more and they will seem like they wont ever stop. good parenting is looking at the different reasons a baby can be crying and meeting their needs accordingly.

babies cry due to boredom

Babies learn all the time, and soon they know that it leads to their parent’s giving them attention. So it is up to new parents how they manage the babies cry . leaving a baby alone in the pram all day will not help their development. as they cry due to being bored bonding with a parent is an enjoyable event for both mum dad and baby. a baby thrives on attention but over stimulation isn’t good too. remember rest play and sleep in a safe environment makes for a happy baby.

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