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unborn baby funeral ideas. when baby wasn’t here on earth very long yet you still have to sort out arrangements. Today we look at all the necessary funeral plans that you sort out after the loss of an unborn baby in the womb. discussing a non religious ceremony in this blog.

unborn baby miscarriage funeral

unborn baby funeral plans for stillborn babies born 0-23 weeks pregnant

Sometimes you only realise a baby has passed away when an ultra sound scan reveals baby has sadly died. The nursing staff will gently tell you the results baby has no heartbeat in your unborn baby. Occasionally this can be detected at scan time such as a 20 week consultant check up. In the UK babies born before 24 weeks will then be classed as a miscarriage.

You may be wondering then does my baby have to have a funeral service. The answer is no but you can have one for a baby born at any age of pregnancy it has reached. Although you don’t get a death certificate (as yet people are still fighting for these to change in parliament). After 24 weeks completed weeks in pregnancy then by law you have to have a funeral.

unborn baby funeral plans

funeral for a stillborn baby non religious type

lets take a look at a non religious funeral ceremony for a stillborn baby. here are 5 things to consider when making funeral plans for an unborn baby. 1. Do you want a permanent place you can visit baby that is private or public. hospitals cremate babies in an communal grave. you cant add personalised items such as teddy bears at the gravesite. a more private place may be best for you if you want to add little vase with flowers in. or a teddy bear to leave on every angel-versary (each birthday) .

2. A funeral director doesn’t charge to arrange a baby funeral . You let them know your personal wishes. often a funeral director have a room where a private service can be held. playing a few songs in the background reading out poems or personal thoughts on paper its your choice how the service is conducted here in this non religious setting.

3. Another non religious idea planting a tree in your unborn baby’s memory. As it grows its a loving tribute to their memory without attending to a newly dug grave which is quite costly.

4. Who do you want to attend with a stillborn baby funeral. You may want immediate family only so its less painful going public with news about your loss. You don’t need to wear traditional black as you leave the house. And your baby could stay with the funeral directors until the day of the funeral.

5. putting photos together of scan images or a growing baby bump on screen may be the only memories you have of your unborn baby. A family member may be able to put them on a projector screen. Therefore for others to see and pay honour to their memorial at the funeral service.

unborn baby funeral order of service

here are some poems you may want to add to the order of service. its a sheet of instructions of what order the funeral comes in. including any songs personal tributes and quotes.

stars theme non religious funeral poem unborn baby

hide me amongst the stars as they twinkle in the sky, your love will be with me forever as I watch them way up high. thinking of you always, a light that shines so bright, even in the darkness and all throughout the night. I love you precious baby goodbye little one and sleeptight. written by Heaven and Hope

All the stars that shine in the sky above us, all the planets that surround them that never seem to fall. precious child of mine ill think of you too, as a bright and glistening star so wonderful are you. ALL the time I will know that you are there, guiding the way when times are rough and times are smooth my darling baby your family loves you.

how old does a baby need to be to have a funeral?

any age of fetus or baby can have a funeral. a baby must have a funeral in uk after 24 completed weeks of pregnancy. you get a death certificate for babies born after 24 weeks gestation.

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