tiny baby clothes uk worry in 2020

tiny baby clothes uk

tiny baby clothes from the uk. What can you worry about when buying tiny baby clothes?. what amazing finds can you get for a premature baby born in 2020. what tiny baby clothes are there that are so cute. Can you find them easily now in the year 2020 compared to 10 years ago. In this investigation we find out.

tiny baby clothes

tiny baby clothes the uk panic

buying tiny baby clothes shouldn’t be a problem should it in 2020? well in general no but what we found in April this year what quite astounding. The covid 19 effected every type of business in the uk. It stopped people going out. It stopped people meeting friends. It made people stay at home and not go to work and then it effected bigger companies.

At first you could stock up on your urgent essentials. Your food drink and toiletries. Then as the wholesalers closed even online things took a trun for the worse. Some businesses found their was no stock to buy. You couldn’t get hold of your baby clothes to replace sold out stock. The wholesalers found they couldn’t trade due to restrictions them selves from whoever they too buy from.

The outlook for tiny baby clothes stock in 2020

once the wholesalers started to reopen what do they do to replace their stock. Well for those with money behind them they can buy again. but for those struggling with no cash in they have to sell what they have just to make ends meet. so No doubt we as a business they wont be able to buy like before the lockdown. No nice new tiny baby clothes like in the past. Why ? because they cant afford to buy any yet. They still have all the business expenses.

tiny baby clothes in 2-3lb

Did this effect ordering tiny baby clothes stock at Heaven and Hope ?

yes we found we couldn’t buy the following stock… tiny baby socks, sleepsuits that fit premature babies correctly. We hunted far and wide to replace sold out stock. As a plus being also a manufacturer we were able to buy cute fabric in. to make more of our own brands colourful tiny baby clothes by Nanny Nicu TM. it did take weeks to arrive though. But we sold out in a week due to being oh so cute comfortable and practical for premature babies.

The fabrics are new in fact adorable prints ,unusual too ones you wont find at the high street shops. we also managed to get our own design created from scratch.Unique to Heaven and Hope so no one else can use it. Its a wow factor print available for babies born at 24 weeks and upwards.really cute coming in Autumn so watch out for these. These fabrics are extremely soft comfortable stretchy and roomy. Perfect for tender little babies skin. sneak preview coming up.

what tiny baby clothes will be available for Summer 2020

More cute prints farm yard animals baby deer . The most tiniest of sizes too from 2-3lb in weight. New baby recieving blankets in tiny sizes. As more wholesalers start to open lets hope they get new lines in. At Heaven and hope its all about plentiful choices in the sizes you need to fit your baby. There’s nothing worse than finding a sleepsuit but not having the cardigan or matching headband to go with the set. At heaven and Hope you are Spoilt for choices for headbands in fact,and every tiny baby size. Likewise practically every colour you possibly ask for too.

So what about all the other shops that sell premature baby clothing ? well one has closed down that we know of . Question is so how many more will go out of business.

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