stillborn baby born at 24 weeks planning a funeral

stillborn baby funeral
stillborn baby burial

stillborn baby making funeral plans

stillborn baby sadly died. In particular the most saddest death that can ever happen is to the loss of a baby. To begin with Planning the funeral service can be very daunting. Here are some gentle ways of saying goodbye to your baby. Choosing a celebration of life after being born stillborn at 24 weeks.

In the first place you may be wondering if you can have a funeral for a baby born this early the answer is yes. If baby has completed 24 weeks of pregnancy then you will get a stillborn baby death certificate. Also Once you have the paperwork you can start to plan the funeral. Next if baby is having a post-mortem this will be done before the funeral. Just to let you know Blood and test results take weeks to come back. The hospital will book an appointment with you to discuss the findings.

do hospitals keep a stillborn baby after a loss

The hospital as no rights to keep your baby or any tissue remains without your consent. Even if baby was born before 23 weeks gestation. Also All babies can have a funeral no matter how many weeks pregnant a woman as reached. Here In the Uk babies less than 23 weeks don’t yet get a death certificate as its classed as a miscarriage.

Next dressing baby with dignity after birth. For example for the smallest ever proper baby clothes you can order Something precious TM from the baby bereavement section here. Sizes start from 16 weeks pregnant.

making plans with a funeral director for a stillborn baby burial

Decision made between you and the family to bury baby in a family plot you already own . No problem the funeral director will need to see a copy of the grave deeds. As a rule they will discuss with you what happens next. For instance they will ask if you want donations instead of flowers sent to a baby loss charity. or money to be sent to a local maternity unit etc.

As for the service here are our top 5 examples suitable for a stillborn baby burial service. These suggestions are arranged around the theme saying good bye . helping you come to terms with letting them go, Sending them on a journey to the next place of heaven above.

funeral ideas for a baby that was stillborn

1 butterfly release you can order this online. 2 Dove release at a crematorium or graveside. In fact these doves actually fly home straight after. So there is no need to worry about having to keep them afterwards. Some offer a lovely poem to read at the graveside too. 3 baby boy funeral going to a little river near home or a brook making paper boats and letting them have a boat race gliding down the river floating away. 4 teddy bears picnic everyone brings a new teddy bear to the wake sit around for tea biscuits and cake then donating them to the nearest children’s ward afterwards.

5 lite of our life. baby loss is such a taboo subject to deal with using this theme you all lite a candle in baby’s memory at the wake pass photographs of baby around or scan pictures. have disposable cameras on the tables for people to take photographs of those gathered together. Special people in baby’s life that mean so much to the family. later these can be put in an album for baby’s memory box. As they leave each person has to blow out their candle as a final farewell and tribute mum and dad must be the ones that blows out the last candle and any that got missed..

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