stillborn baby funeral plan ideas for 2021

stillborn baby funeral

stillborn baby funeral for babies over 25 weeks gestation. a lady told us this week a hospital was going to arrange a funeral for my granddaughter with other babies. Do we have to have this method or can we do our own ?

stillborn baby funeral plans for preterm babies

Planning a stillborn baby funeral is one of the most traumatic things for parents. A baby who died after 24 weeks of pregnancy, according to law, their body must be cremated or buried. However, it is the parent’s decision whether or not they hold a service before the cremation or burial. In this article, we’ll provide few plans for a stillborn baby funeral.

Organising a stillborn baby funeral

Organising a funeral for your precious stillborn baby can be very stressful and overwhelming, yet many people can help you to complete your baby’s last funeral arrangements, but it’s up to you how you choose to say goodbye to your little one.

the different options for a stillborn baby funeral:

  1. Arranging by Funeral Director (Undertaker)

A funeral director is another option for you, a funeral director is someone service who manages the arrangements and handles the funeral, but you may have to pay a fee to do this. However, most funeral homes provide a discount at that time.

  1. Arranging a Funeral by the Hospital

Organising your baby’s last rites by the hospital is another option. Some hospitals only offer stillborn baby funeral arrangements, not for those babies whose death after birth. Most hospitals arrange the stillborn baby funeral arrangements free of cost, while some hospitals charge a small fee to arranging a funeral. You will need to do a lot of paperwork and decisions with limited choices for hospital funerals. For instance, some hospital offers shared ceremonies and graves while other only offer cremation. Then you cant add extras at the gravesite to make it more personal.

  1. Arranging the Funeral Yourself

If you want and feel able to organise your lovely baby’s funeral yourself, then it’s possible. But the decision to arranging the funeral yourself should not be taken lightly; you should involve other members of your family and discussed the arrangement of the funeral. You can also discuss the cemetery or the crematorium directly. The benefit of arranging the funeral yourself is that you can add whatever you like in your baby’s last rites, such as your important religious wishes or non-religious events with singing or poetry.

However, if you want to keep the stillborn baby funeral ceremony private, in that case, you can do that with the help of an undertaker because they will make all the arrangements for your stillborn baby’s funeral. The most important thing, try to take some time before making any decisions and remember that you can change your mind. Do not let family members rush you. With covid 19 restrictions around funerals are about in 2 weeks notice. You wont get the funeral the same week as your baby will have died.

Planning the Ceremony for Your stillborn baby

If you want to arrange your baby funeral by yourself, it depends on what happened at the ceremony.

It might be private or small with just closest friend or family members.

If you are religious, you can include your religious wishes and pray; it can provide spiritual or religious comfort.

But if you are not religious, you can do the last rites by the funeral director even you can invite your close family member and friends to lead the ceremony.

Here are few things that other parents have had in their little one funeral ceremonies:

  • Readings
  • funeral poems about love or babies
  • Recorded or live music or playing baby funeral songs / nursery songs
  • Lighting candles
  • Collect donations to the hospital that looked after a baby charity or their baby.
  • Release bio-degradable balloon.
  • Wear white or bright colour and asking guests to wear white instead of black.
  • Asking your family and close friends to write messages on it and keep them in a memorial book of remembrance.

Take Away

Some parents want to spend time with their baby before the funeral; taking the baby home before the funeral is the best option unless the procurator or coroner ordered a post mortem; this is legal and normal. However, you can borrow cold cots from hospitals or mortuaries to keep your baby cool at home. for baby bereavement clothes from 16 weeks pregnant see the tiny baby bereavement section on our home page at cheekychumsonline

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