real born baby reborn shock 2021

real born baby or a doll ? also called a reborn baby. What is it ? You will be surprised how far reborn artist have come in the last few years. There are two types of reborn artist that make a real born baby look so lifelike. The first artist can take a doll or a vinyl sculpt and transform it from scratch into a reborn baby.

the second reborn artist creates the sculpts from clay transforming them into vinyl or silicone real born babies to treasure forever. These are not children’s play dolls but collector items. once a sculpt has been mass produced reborn artist buy them ,change them into a lifelike looking doll and sell them on to customers.


real born baby made from scratch

so how does an artist make a sculpt from scratch to a soft realistic real born baby doll? . It starts with looking at real new born babies. keeping photographs of close ups. studying the very fine detail including finger nails, ear shapes nose and nostril shape lip texture shading and colouring. practising on modelling clay or polymer clay.

Next tin foil modelled in the shape of a doll. then clay is applied and sculpted with appropriate tools. some artist prefer to create a particular type such as mini babies, preemie babies, fairies monkeys or new born , even toddler dolls. New to the reborn dolls market is reborn dolls that come in an artificial amniotic sac. complete with umbilical cord and birth certificate. the new mummy then opens it as if it truly is being real born.

(3) Sculpting Tiny Hands & Feet for a Lifelike Preemie Baby Sculpture I All4Reborns Vlogmas Day 4 – YouTube

After baking in the over a mould is made so then sculpt heads arms and legs can be made on a larger scale for reborn artists to buy. transforming them into real born babies.

real born baby babies

reborning a sculpt into a real born baby

what about colouring on a light tan coloured reborn doll sculpt ? well artists use paints air dry or heat set. its quite an expensive hobby making a real born baby. not only do you need the sculpt kit to start off with which start around £80.00. next you need a body, filling, hair micro rooting tools, heat guns etc.

what’s the price of a real born baby?

it takes hours and hours to make a real born baby. many people message artists directly to see if they can get one free or at a reduced price. when someone is new to making a reborn you could buy a scruffy looking trial for around £100.00. everyone has to start somewhere, we found the hair the hardest to master. applying one strand at a time. so the very best dolls go for around £500-1000.

where can you buy a real born baby sculpt or finished doll

You can buy them finished direct off facebook groups the artist are in .and in ebay and etsy. to buy a real born baby kit (reborn sculpt) reborn dolls reborn baby kits finished real born infants

who would buy a real born baby or a reborn doll ?
real born baby reborn

some artists can make a reborn doll or real born baby to look like a photograph or as near too. They are often bought by bereaved parents. they usually want them to weight the same like a preemie baby. or even smaller. a lady on etsy creates clay ones. in memory of tiny babies that sadly died due to an early miscarriage.

other people in realm of buying the reborn doll collections are doll collectors. people who cant have children. and those that just have to have the most realistic ones ever created.

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