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questions about premature babies in UK hospitals. depending on the country if its poor or a rich one determines how the hospitals treat early babies when they are delivered. Poor countries don’t always have nicu units only hot cots. often these babies are swaddled with their mums as part of the care they get. In the United kingdom The neonatal care units are very forthcoming. Nicu units are scattered readily through ought the UK. Although sometimes if there isn’t a nicu in a rural area babies are often transported miles away to the nearest maternity unit with a Nicu ward.

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Todays blog focus is all about answering your questions about premature babies. especially the ones most frequently asked such as “When can I hold my baby”. “when can I breast feed my Premature infant” or “when can my premature baby go home”.

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After birth can I see my baby ? when a baby is delivered prematurely there is no doubt the priority is to make sure they are stable. That means they can breathe. If baby doesn’t cry The midwife or neonatal team take immediate care of the baby. You may get just a quick glimpse before the baby is whisked away to the Nicu. You may get a quick touch of a little hand or see your baby as its wrapped in a towel for warmth. a little face peeping out for instance may be the only chance you get until later.

Airway breathing and circulation is the priority for a child as it enters the world. Once these are maintained with mechanical use, hand pumped air bagged, or with cpap in place. baby will then be settled before you get to see them again. After emergency surgery such as a c section the mum to be may be too poorly to visit baby in the Nicu . But later on a nurse or partner may wheel mum down to see baby all settled.

babies in the Nicu are what’s known as the poorliest. Although they aren’t brought in because they have an illness it just means they need the most intensive nursing care. 24 round the clock to make sure they are breathing is stable and are warm as they stay in an incubator to let their tiny bodies and organs mature. They have a nominated nurse you can ask frequent questions to day or night. they are also there to help you too. So you aren’t too worried about what’s happening to your baby.

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what will a premature baby look like after its born ? depending how far along in pregnancy baby developed to will determine how it will look at birth. The earlier the pregnancy stopped progressing at the smaller a baby will be at birth.

For instance a baby born at 24 weeks of pregnancy may be dark in skin colour . More red looking. Eyelids shut. Their hands are that small a wedding ring would fit over their wrist. Feet the size of your little finger. Their head would fit in the palm of your hand. They tend to have wrinkly tender skin.

questions about premature babies in special care?

premature babies in special care mean they are nearly ready for home. Compared to being looked after in the Nicu unit. Babies in the Special care also called the scbu or pronounced sku boo . Still have a nurse looking after them . A child nearly ready to go home will need to maintain their own body temperature feeding established with bottle or breast. very early babies may go home on oxygen.

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