premature birth side effects so stressed after 1st baby

premature birth baby

unexpected premature birth and the Mental Health of Mothers with Premature Babies

premature birth side effects

premature birth side effects can not only effect the baby in the long term but also the parents emotional and health and well being too. today we look at this more closely. Expecting a child is an exciting time for mothers and fathers alike. However, after the initial excitement wears off, many expectant parents find themselves worrying over the what-ifs. One such fear is whether or not their baby will be born prematurely.

Any baby born before 37 weeks gestation is classified as premature birth. The World Health Organization estimates that 15 million babies are born prematurely every year. How early a child is born will significantly affect rates of complications suffered by the child, but rest assured that statistically, preterm babies are having fewer complications with better outcomes.

premature birth side effects of not seeing baby

There is a lot of stress following a preterm delivery. after a premature birth side effects for the baby can be long term health issues resulting in complications due to immaturity of inner organs or infections or brain bleeds. These complications not only have an impact on the family making adjustments to their childs’ needs. The implications of a mum and dad not seeing their premature baby due to hospital covid restrictions can have a traumatic experience for the family too.

In this weeks news both parents had covid vaccinations yet were not allowed to see their baby that was at another hospital. It was rushed to another hospital that had a nicu unit . Their own hospital couldn’t meet baby’s care needs. As the couple seek legal advice lets hope they are reunited soon. Its important that a mother bonds with her baby as soon after delivery. Both parents tested negative for covid too.

The birth process is a life-altering event, even when it proceeds without complications. When a mother experiences frightening complications surrounding the birth of their child, it can cause long-term premature birth side effects on not only the mother but also the child.

Studies have shown that mothers of preterm babies are at an increased risk for mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A mother is at her highest risk of mental health disorders just before and just after the birth of her child. Maternal mental health disorders can cause delayed attachment between the mother and child as well as long-term effects in the children like developmental delays.

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour refers to the first sixty minutes of life after a child is born. This is the time that the child adjusts to life outside of the uterine environment and adjusts to the outside world. It is also a critical time in mother-child bonding. The recommendation is to have all unnecessary tasks delayed in the time frame so that mother and child can have skin-to-skin contact. When achieved successfully, rates of infant thermoregulation, breastfeeding success, and psychological stabilization are all increased.

Often, when a child is born prematurely, vital medical assessments must be made to the child by their medical team. Protecting the Golden Hour is not always a possibility, so mother and child miss out on crucial bonding time. Long hours away from the baby while they are in the neonatal intensive care unit and concerns over the baby’s well-being all take their toll on new mothers.

Tips for Self Care

After the birth of a premature baby, it is vital for a mother to protect her mental health. Feelings of overwhelm, uncertainty and fear are all very normal and to be expected. Work closely with your doctor as you navigate through the postnatal period to allow your body time to heal properly.

While it is understandable that you will be hyper-focused on your child’s needs, make sure you are not neglecting your own health by missing meals and forgetting to drink enough water. It is equally vital to ensure you are getting enough rest. Do not hesitate to ask for help as you navigate through this period. The most important thing to remember is to take things one day at a time.

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