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Premature baby top questions asked about preterm infants. To begin with Premature labour is the first thing that indicates a premature birth is imminent. Soon as baby is born if less than 37 weeks its known as a premature birth.

As a result of a question being asked and the wrong answer given on Google by a random selected website. In this case we need to put the record straight. Here is the question asked. Question 1 how does a premature birth effect the baby. The answer that was given said premature baby’s can suffer from lifelong effects such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, visual and hearing impairments, and poor health and growth.

This is not the case of every premature infant that was born due to a premature birth as the question suggests. The smaller the baby in terms of gestational age.especially it was born at 24 weeks. Means they are more at risk of health issues compared to a baby born premature but near to term.

Question about a premature baby born at 23 weeks

Question 2. can a premature baby survive if it was born at 23 weeks 5 days?

Some hospitals fight for premature babies born at 22 weeks and onwards now compared to the year 2007. Depending on your local hospital’s policies the age they class as viable is 24 weeks.

If in doubt chase the consultant around. In short to see if they will fight for your baby. Born at this in between grey area of 23.5 days. A family member did and they wasn’t going to save their baby born at 22 plus weeks. She does have some health issues now but she is at school and wears glasses.

where can I get premature nappies from?

Question 3. Where can i get tiny baby nappies from for a 3lb baby? Most parents are saying Boots quite recently. They have tiny nappies for prem babies. Pampers have micro nappies too. Try also Asda. Hospitals will provide some in an emergency but like you to get your own. A business on the internet is also giving away free nappies. But they don’t have a business name. You could try searching for free premature baby nappies. There website may come up when you type it in. Cheeky Chums only do baby bereavement nappies from 20 -25 weeks gestation .

what serious infections can premature babies get in hospital

Question 4. Do premature babies get infections in hospital ? Infection control is a high priority for premature babies in the NICU. Its because they are prone to infections more easily with their immune system being compromised.

In this case of a preterm infant its due to their prematurity. Wearing a gown over clothes coats hung up away from the babies hand gels at every station. Parents find they even have in Mini bottles of sanitiser their pocket to carry around with them. Especially if they nip off the unit to the café. Having said that there are some bugs that and conditions that effect premature babies Here are a list of 6 of the most serious ones.

sepsis, meningitis, NEC, pneumonia ,RSV, brain haemorrhage.

Support for parents with a premature baby

Question 4 is there outside support for parents that have a premature baby ? yes The Nicu staff at the hospital say you can ring day or night to ask about your baby. When you go home you can have a Neonatal nurse support if you need it . There is a premature baby charity called BLISS. valuable support for parents. tommys also offer support for premature babies including an app for your phone

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