premature baby winter clothes 2019 -2020 uk

premature baby winter clothes

premature baby winter clothes available in the uk. In the first instance it may be your first baby. Incidentally worried in case your baby will be to cold. When you are staying at the hospital with a baby in the Nicu, time is a valued commodity. Furthermore What premature baby winter clothes can you get easily in the uk.

As a result of needing smaller than newborn sized clothing. looking for a warm bonnet or winter hat. Usually the smallest you come across is new born size to fit a 12lb baby. In some instance 0-2years is labelled inside the hat . by the way after looking at 3 top high street shops that sells baby clothes not one of them have hat winter hats or snowsuits for a premature baby.

tiny baby I need winter clothes

premature baby winter clothes tights

In particular I came across another premature baby shop and looking at the 37 hats they had, not one was suitable for winter. One exception is Heaven and Hope they have an amazing range of premature baby winter clothes. Such as Warm Hats, Coats, Jackets, Snowsuits, Tights and cardigans. As a result The widest range for winter in the uk for tiny babies.

winter clothes too hot or too cold for a premature baby

premature baby winter clothes coats
warm premature baby winter car seat coats snowsuits and jackets

In the meantime something to consider is whether your premature baby is too hot or too cold. In winter when you are driving, especially in low temperatures don’t let your premature baby in the car seat get too hot.

Its too dangerous as a baby can overheat very easily. As an example its much better to add lots of thin layers rather than one thick one. At Heaven and Hope they stock all types girls winter coats and boys winter snowsuits for premature babies and in all thicknesses.

wearing premature baby winter tights

Besides warm coats at Heaven and Hope there are lots of premature baby winter tights to hand. Especially in 3-5lb tiny baby tights a size so hard to come by. Dressed in a pretty dress and tights ready for that special winter portrait. Thus you will all smile at her as she kicks her little legs. Rest assured she wont feel cold with mottled legs feeling very cold.

premature baby winter clothes choices

Preterm babies are often allowed home when they reach the 3lb in weight mark. Choosing a warm winter snowsuit is a popular choice. In addition a snuggly crochet hat in white is perfect as it will match everyone for your baby’s outfits. White reflects the light. lemon knitted hats or a cream one will also work fine with white. Heaven and Hope stock all with different types of winter hats in all the premature baby sizes. In fact you will never be stuck for choice.

premature baby winter coats
premature babies wearing winter coats
keeping preterm babies warm in the winter months.

preterm baby’s dotn maintain their own temperature at first. Especially 1lb in weight babies. Once they move from the NICU HDU then into a SCBU cot they can then wear what’s known as layers. including clothing items such as a vest with a babygrow and a cardigan. heaven and Hope even stock the most adorable little snowman sleepsuits and festive clothes

winter tiny baby shoes bootees and socks

winter shoes bootees premature baby

To summarize you may also want to dress your baby for winter from top to toes. Adding a pair of socks under a sleepsuit is ideal. Going out and about you could also add a pair of bootees. Fingers can feel cold so adding a pair Mittens for warm hands. Choose crochet, knitted and fleece fabrics. Babies sleep better when they are feeling warm and secure. more articles on premature babies on the home page under articles at cheekychumsonline

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