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premature baby clothing near me in the uk. Which is the best place to buy premature baby clothes from. First of all you need to know what size clothes do you want to purchase. To begin with we ask this because the smallest babies don’t wear much as they are in the NICU. Or another of the special care baby units. Its a neonatal intensive care unit. The warmth of the incubator keeps babies born very early warm enough.

2lb premature baby clothing

So there is no point buying all the frilly dresses with knickers to match just yet. Especially for a poorly premature baby in the highest dependency unit that weighs only 1lb. Or weighs less than 500 grams. You see alarms go off all the time and its a nurses priority to give your baby 100% nursing care at this stage. Its due to their prematurity. In the Nicu babies have 1 to 1 nursing care over a 24 hour period.

Once a baby is stabilized mum can start to do babies basic care needs. The nursing staff will show you how. Its things such as changing a nappy wiping babies hands and feet with wet cotton wool etc. Singing to your baby and holding a finger through the portholes.

If you want to buy premature baby clothing for when the baby gets a little older, wait until the nursing staff say they are ready for wearing layers. Some babies are ready to wear layers at an incredible 2lb in weight.

2lb premature baby clothes

Once a baby is ready to wear layers you can buy the easy dressing neonatal clothes. These have lots of buttons in multidirectional positions along the side of the clothes. as a rule it makes it easier in case any wires to be threaded a result to monitor a babies vital signs. clothing such as vests rompersuits feetless baby grows are often made this way to allow easy access too.

Babies can come home once they are at least 3lb in weight believe it or not. so don’t over dress them. its’ because these smaller premature babies must not get overheated Its dangerous for causing SIDS..

Don’t forget to order a tiny baby coat or snowsuit too. For example you can order with sizes starting from 3-5lb for coats. but forget buying a coat that says preemie or prem inside the garment label. These don’t tell you what weight they fit tiny babies.

Do supermarkets sell premature baby clothing ?

Most do with a limited range but do not stock the micro sizes in socks from 1lb in weight. Also items such as headbands that fit or slimmer fitting tiny baby tights. or even scratch mittens or bibs. Newborn sizes are simply overpowering and fall off. so avoid buying their own range scratch mittens.

widest range of premature baby clothing in the uk

For the widest range of premature baby clothes in the uk visit the main site cheekychumsonline. Its a superstore for tiny baby clothes with choices galore in all departments. Established in 2005 the range just gets even bigger. You name it Cheeky Chums have it. dress sets from 2-3lb full outfits knitted crochet clothes headbands tiny baby tights socks scratch mittens from 20 weeks gestation and upwards . sizes are 0-1lb 1-2lb 2-3lb 3-5lb 5-8lb and newborn 8-12lb.

The smallest sizes premature baby clothing starts from 24 weeks pregnant. little hats socks rompersuits from 0-1lb in birth weight.

There is also a baby bereavement section that stocks every item of clothing from 16 weeks pregnant. No baby no matter how small should not have something to wear for a final sleep. Dressed with dignity and respect wearing proper baby clothes.

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