premature baby clothes uk instantly in 2020

premature baby clothes uk only

premature baby clothes uk only please . Don’t you wish only the shops that sell premature baby wear actually show up when you are doing a search online?

After doing an online a search it revealed a usa website and only sold newborn onwards. what a waste of time. so you have to search again. another search and this next website sold premature baby mittens at £7.00 for a pack of 2. it didn’t even say what size of a premature baby they would fit only one size. how expensive is that ! £7.00

If you have just had a baby weighing nearly 2lb they may have to have a canular tube fitted up their nose. Tiny babies don’t like this, they will poke tender fingers through. So wearing scratch mittens helps deter this from happening. Those one size mittens wont fit that is for sure. you need ones for a 2lb baby. They will just slip off due to slender wrists.

As for tiny baby socks, well its too years to get that right with some wholesalers. even now its a battle to get them to make them small enough. and that’s after 14 years working with premature baby clothes uk only.

premature baby clothes for a 3lb infant too small?

looking for premature baby clothes that are unique not bland ? many shops have the same premature baby clothes. from just a few select wholesalers in the uk. Same manufactured brand too. what is worse is where do they get them made ?

saying this because after examining a certain brand providing a baby grow in 5-8lb it does not fit a 5lb baby lets just say that. it is more like a 2-3lb baby. A customer came to pick up some 3-5lb clothes, she tried them whilst she was there. we had to re assess the sizes for her just to show her this brand are making mistakes with their sizes. She too was shocked !

For years we have used this brand but not any more. Just to add variety to our extensive range in premature baby clothes. then by chance I found an old supplier an old brand . They too had new baby grows for a 3lb and a 5lb baby. huh oo! 5-8lb clothes no chance more like 1.5lb baby clothes.

So that’s another brand we won’t be ordering anymore. What’s more parents don’t have the time to take them back when their tiny baby is in the NICU.

more realistic sizes for premature baby clothes please

many years ago before we brought out our own brands of premature baby clothes we had a meeting with the NICU nurse in Wigan. After researching sizes, asking the staff what baby wear is best to dress premature babies in the incubators. our own brands were created. It took years to get them perfect.

So a message to any uk wholesalers selling premature baby clothes uk only get your sizes right! Compare them to a newborn at least if they are they the same size ditch them.

best advice for buying premature baby clothes uk

look for variety in the premature baby clothes section. What sizes do they stock. what brands do they carry ? what items do they have ? could you buy socks cardigans coats at the same place or is it a designer brand that just says premature on their sizing’s?

for choices galore in all the tiny baby sizes visit Heaven and Hope . sizes start from 16 weeks pregnant.

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