premature baby bottles does my 1st baby really need them?

premature baby bottles

premature baby bottles guide

premature baby bottles

we recommend you getting premature baby bottles especially if your baby is being sent home weighing around 3lb. Their mouths are smaller and newborn teats vary in size, you may find even with a newborn you’ll be buying different teats each week. Its because some babies suck slowly getting tired out feeding so then you’d need a teat with a different size hole in it.

Feeding a premature baby can feel like a daunting task. From your first doctor’s visit, you’ll be inundated with information about how to properly feed your little one in order to give him the nutrients and calories he needs to grow. Bottles are an essential piece of equipment for any type of feeding, especially for preemies who need small volumes at more frequent intervals than full-term babies.

A baby bottle makes it possible to feed your child while also providing proper nutrition and hydration tailored specifically for his age and weight.
In this article, we talk about why you should use a premature baby bottle and choose the best preemie bottle.

Why Should You Use A premature baby bottle?

premature baby bottles feeding

Many premature babies have trouble latching onto the breast, which is why they sometimes need to receive nutrition from an IV at a neonatal intensive care unit. Premature infants also might not be able to suckle on their own because of their small size and undeveloped jaw muscles; this difficulty may make breastfeeding impossible for some mothers who want it as one option in feeding them.

Premature baby bottles are a great solution to this problem. A slow-flow nipple bottle that will allow these little ones to get what they need while simultaneously practising sucking skills so when the time comes, he or she can latch onto Mommy’s breasts well enough and with ease!

How to Choose the Best premature baby bottles for Feeding?

Feeding preemies at home can be an extremely difficult task, especially when the baby is struggling with feeding. The best way to combat this problem for parents of preemies are bottles that have nipples that allow a slow flow and reduce air intake. These types of features will make feedings easier both on you and your new bundle of joy!
Here are few important factors that are necessary to consider before buying premature baby bottles.

1) Anti-colic Technology
Choose an anti-colic technology baby bottle that comes in various variants. For example, some new baby bottles feature air vents in the nipple, while others utilize ventilated discs and Playtex that sit at the preemie bottle’s bottom.

2) Slow Flow Nipple
Slow-flow nipples are essential for your little one, but not just because they can choke. Babies’ mouths naturally open wide to let the milk in, and a slow flow will help them eat more comfortably without their jaw getting tired of holding it open or risking spilling out some precious liquid gold!

3) Small Quantities
The bottles designed for premature infants need to be small enough not to become clogged with milk. This is because the babies eat less but more often than a full-term baby would; this is why it’s unnecessary to give them large bottles, which might cause the nipple in their mouths to get plugged up by lots of milk and discourage feeding altogether.

Newborn Baby bottles come in various shapes and sizes, built specifically for different age groups. Babies with cleft palates may require a special nipple shape to prevent swallowing air, leading to feeding problems or reflux. Your premature baby might be able to use standard nipples for the first month after birth, but you’ll need special nipples if he has a cleft palate.

aspirated milk past his palate when he was born (you will have a note in his chart about this from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), or other specific needs. Ask your baby’s doctor which bottle nipples will work best for your preemie, and make sure you have several on hand so that you can change out nipples without disturbing his routine.

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