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premature babies imagine the shock when 3 becomes 4. Today we look at the highs and lows of having 4 premature babies in the NICU. First things is finding out the good news you are going to have 3 babies . A scan has revealed you are carrying at least 3 babies. After the initial shock you feel like you have triple the morning sickness. Being pregnant with 3 babies will be what’s called high risk. Closely monitoring of the pregnancy right to the early delivery of them.

Premature babies one is hidden then 3 becomes 4

For the most part of a multiple pregnancy its lots of trips to the hospital, regular scans to monitor the babies growth. Following this the consultant will want to keep them inside as long as possible. Next its planning the nursery where the babies will sleep at home.

Imagine the shock of finding another baby hidden behind one at the ultra sound scan. What will it mean carrying 4 babies quads?. As a result of this the babies will fighting for room as they grow. a preterm delivery will be expected. As more babies grow inside the stretching womb, the more pressure it puts on them as a whole.

a premature birth

A preterm birth will happen and the consultant will discuss what date they will be delivered at. For instance all 4 babies will be born premature. In the meantime a date will be planned for a c section of all babies.

A specialist team will be on stand by to delivery the babies. Each baby will have its own staff member to whisk them away in case they need immediate NICU care.

Depending how far along the pregnancy reaches will have an influence on the type of care each of the premature babies will need at birth. After babies are delivered. Especially at 30 weeks you can expect a 10 weeks stay in the special care baby unit before they are allowed home.

delivering 4 premature babies mixed feelings

Incidentally you can never be prepared to see your 4 premature babies in lying in an incubator. As a result you will get mixed feelings as emotions start to build. The tension the worry the stress. For the most part there will be highs and lows. Subsequently as each baby reaches their miles stones its one step closer to finally going home.

highs and lows of having 4 babies in special care

Above all as a mother you never switch off when it comes to having 4 babies cared for in the special care baby unit . You site by their cots and hear every beep of their monitors. You cry for good news bad news and for nothing at all.

The overwhelming feeling of feeling helpless. Besides watching the premature babies for hours on end. Furthermore the best bits are doing baby’s own care needs. In addition holding a hand through the incubator port holes.First cuddles feel amazing. In brief its when the nurses put a baby skin to skin on you for kangaroo care.

4 premature babies ready to go home

Next thing will be who will be allowed home first. Its usually you the mum. So then its trips back and forth to the hospital expressing milk if you want to feed them yourself. Similarly if only to top up their will help with calories and to get some extra vital antibodies too.

One by one the babies will be able to go home. Then its all hands on deck. The much awaited day will be so full of excitement tears of joy ,tears of sadness having to say goodbye. Especially to all the nurses that took care of your 4 premature babies in hospital.

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