pregnancy history verses pregnant women in 2019

pregnancy history
pregnancy history

pregnancy history verses Pregnant women in 2019 how different is it compared to 500 years ago. Giving birth 100 years ago what was it like? Did men attend the birth of a baby ?

In the past we look back in history about women being pregnant. What pain relief did they use in the past ? How did women give birth? What rituals did women do in England years ago. Has pregnancy history changed much or are there virtually no differences. We examine the historical facts.

pregnancy history who delivered babies

The first pregnant women in history talked about was in the Bible. First in the book of Exodus it talks about midwives delivering babies. years later Mary was heavily pregnant and rode on a donkey. Caesar Augustus ordered that the whole world had to go to their own cities. They all had to go immediately to be taxed so travelled long journeys . Even the family of newly married Mary and Joseph . Thus went to be taxed at the town of Bethlehem. So a woman saw she was due to give birth imminently. She said they could use a stable to give birth in. There she helped her prepare for the birth in a stable.

no cot just a manger filled with hay or straw for comfort. Then the baby boy was born and laid in the manger wrapped in swaddling clothes. Swaddling was common for hundreds of years.It consisted of wrapping baby in a blanket or sheet with just their head peeping out.

This was also the form of baby clothes for hundreds years too. Women back then often went straight back to work preparing the harvest cooking etc so a baby crawling off just wasn’t feasible back then. All you can imagine is a jug of hot water and dry rags or linen to dry the baby off at delivery.

pregnancy and birth history medieval times

In summary back in pregnancy history of medieval times births were often a very religious ceremony . An elaborate church service then the Royal Queens sent to the bed chamber until a month after the birth.Those of higher class got help from physicans or experienced midwives.

Whilst The poor pregnant women suffered on working until the last minute. Incidentally over 1 in 3 women died in childbearing years.In particular back then a woman’s pregnancy wasn’t diagnosed until the quickening. To summarise the movement of a baby kicking inside for the first time.

click here to see pregnancy history 15th century image of a fetus in the womb

A birthing stool was often the method used to deliver their babies. Thus it shaped like a horse shoe. There were no men allowed at the birth. the country was very religious at this time and faith played a big part in getting a mother through the labour.

Subsequently The united kingdom was a constant battle between Catholicism and protestant religion of the Tudors. In this case A tradition which was practised in the united kingdom until the early 1970’s was called churched. Under strict instructions passed down though generations. Such as a woman who had just given birth couldn’t leave her home until she had been churched. Hence she had to church within a month of having a baby to give thanks to God, before being allowed out.

I do recall my own mother saying this to me back in the 1980’s “I said watch me and ignored her.”

pregnant women giving birth the twilight sleep

1915-1970s watch this draw dropping video about a common practise for pregnant women. Subsequently Called twilight sleep .

To begin with it was a promise of a painless birth. drug injections of scopolamine and morphine put them in trance like state. Writhing around they were often put in straight jackets to restrain them. furthermore The drugs had a negative effect on babies causing them to have breathing difficulties.

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