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pregnancy bump when do you see it for first time?

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pregnancy bump eager to let everyone know you are starting to show ?. Usually, within a few months, pregnant women start showing, but it might take longer because every woman is different physically; that’s why each pregnancy is different. However, if you start showing quickly and watching changes, you may notice the bump sooner. In this article, we’ll provide complete information about your growing pregnancy bump.

Showing off your pregnancy bump?

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A pregnancy bump is not showing in the first month because your body is going through different changes during this time. So, at that time, if you feel different, it doesn’t mean you’ll look different and your baby still forming inside of you.

Between 16 to 20 weeks or the second month of pregnancy, your body will start showing bump. However, some women may not be noticeable until the end of the second and third month of pregnancy.

In month four, the baby starts to move around in little flutters, and you’ll be able to feel his movement. Also, in this month, your pregnancy bump showing and signs of pregnancy reveal. Some mums to be have started to record their growing bumps. Next they upload them via social media, videos, pictures on their phones. Surprisingly its great to look back how big you actually reached fullterm and you’ll be surprised how many followers you can get as they eagerly await a new upload.

When Do You Start to Show Bump with Twins?

Pregnant women with twins or high-order multiples will start to show their bump sooner than single pregnancy, usually at the end of the first trimester. Furthermore, your uterus grows larger according to the baby count.

Why Do Some Pregnant Women Show Bump Early?

Pregnant women start baby bump in the second month, but you may start showing sooner if it is your second baby. In most women, second pregnancy is different from their first pregnancy. However, if you are showing a bump earlier, then may you’ll feel your baby’s movement soon.

In the second pregnancy, the body has already experienced pregnancy and childbirth, so you can easily adjust. In addition, due to stretched abdominal muscles, you can show earlier with your second baby.

Women who have been pregnant before and older women can show their bump as early as the first month. Furthermore, women with weak muscles may show their bump earlier, and their stomach adapts more easily to look pregnant because their muscles are relaxed.

Why Do Some Pregnant Women Show Bump Late?

Women who are obese or overweight may not show a solid bump until the third month. Moreover, if you are classified as having a B belly and have a higher body weight, this means your pregnancy bump is not as pronounced. Women with a B belly show their bump at the end of the third month. Also, small gestational age can keep your belly from becoming noticeable.


If you’re bump not showing until the third trimester, you should be concerned with your doctor. Your doctor will guide you on what is best for you and your child and periodically monitor your baby’s gestational weight in your uterus. Once the baby is born, your baby’s gestational weight will be taken once again. If your baby has low gestational weight, he may have some complications, including low blood pressure, body temperature, breathing problems, and low oxygen levels.

Furthermore, try to maintain your blood pressure normal because high blood pressure can be a risk for both mother and baby. However, different problems like high blood pressure can cause infant death and preterm delivery. You can treat high blood pressure before, during and after pregnancy.

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