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pregnancy blood test results

pregnancy blood test scared of needles in the first instance? In fact being scared of needles is not unheard of. In fact many people are terrified that even the thought of a blood test makes some queasy. As an example the fear can be so intense in some adults that they cancel appointments. So if you are pregnant do you have to have blood tests?

pregnancy blood test

pregnancy blood test what are they for

In pregnancy blood test isn’t just a one time thing. Its good to find out what blood type you are at the beginning of pregnancy. To identify if you have a rare blood type that can complicate a pregnancy.

Further along in pregnancy a blood test is carried out to check for gestational diabetes and anaemia. iron tablets may be given if the blood test results say you are low in iron. If your blood sugar levels are high it means you will be closely monitored. Its a sign you could develop complications and have a large baby.

pregnancy scared of blood test do I need one?

Before you get freaked out to tell if you are pregnant you don’t have to have a pregnancy blood test. In short a urine test can tell if you are pregnant. As you book in to see the midwife blood tests are offered so they can monitor both you and your baby during the full pregnancy.

if you have pre medical conditions its good to see where your blood results are at in case a pregnancy puts a strain on your body. For instance heart problems, being diabetic being anaemic. You would hate it if you put your baby at risk just to avoid a 5 min blood test wouldn’t you?

In this case what is it about a pregnancy blood test you don’t like? the thought of the needle going in . Seeing the blood come out. The pain associated with the needle . or the white coat syndrome – just the fact you are going to see someone in a uniform doing something to you ?

Being prepared for the dreaded blood test

here are 5 things you can do to make your blood test easier for you.

  1. Apply Emla cream from the doctor to both inner elbows and allow to dry naturally 45 mins before your appointment. it numbs the area so you cant feel the needle going in.
  2. Tell the phlebotomist your phobia before they take your blood so they can put your mind at ease.
  3. Take a friend and make sure they talk to you as its being done looking away from the procedure. It will keep you focused and distracted.
  4. If you have a mobile phone wear headphones and play music to your self from you tube or other music site. choose to lie down whilst its being done instead of sitting up and look at the ceiling.
  5. If your going to a hospital where you take a ticket until its your turn. go very early whilst its quiet. then you wont get as worked up waiting for your turn to go in.

other tests in pregnancy

A blood test can also show infections in pregnancy. An infection could also pass to the baby on rare occasions. Another type of test in pregnancy tests for Strep B. a swab of the vagina before birth is done. if found to be positive antibiotics are given before the baby is born. Group strep b is very dangerous and can kill a newborn baby if not treated.

urine samples are nothing to worry about like blood tests. This test can tell if you have urine infection. besides this later on in pregnancy if you have too much protein in the could be a sign of pre -eclampsia a very dangerous condition in pregnant women . the only cure is to delivery the baby as an emergency.

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