premature infant needs a ventilator in 2021

premature infant

premature infant breathing with a ventilator premature infants are surviving born even earlier now in the year 2021. Born as young as 22 weeks pregnant breathing is the first thing a consultant will assist with first. Do not be alarmed if your baby needs a ventilator to breathe for him or her at first. The…

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premature babies alive surviving even earlier in 2021

premature babies alive

premature babies alive at birth In the medical sciences, the duration for which a baby (as a fetus) resides in the mother’s womb is termed, Gestation period. This period varies from species to species and for humans, the gestation period is about 36 weeks. This is a very important duration for the babies as their…

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premature baby bottles does my 1st baby really need them?

premature baby bottles

premature baby bottles guide we recommend you getting premature baby bottles especially if your baby is being sent home weighing around 3lb. Their mouths are smaller and newborn teats vary in size, you may find even with a newborn you’ll be buying different teats each week. Its because some babies suck slowly getting tired out…

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baby heartbeat heart problems 1st time I’m worried

baby heartbeat problems

baby heartbeat and Heart Conditions in Babies Introduction baby heart be can be detected as early as 7 weeks in the womb. The heart is one of the most important body organs which are responsible for the wellbeing of an individual throughout his life. But that is not the case for some babies as they…

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baby crying it wont stop I’m fuming 1st child

baby crying wont stop

My baby Won’t Stop crying baby crying non stop ? Have a fussy, cranky, colicky or upset Baby? There can be many reasons for a baby to cry, especially in the first several weeks. “So Why my baby crying?” It is a question that comes to arrive in every new parent’s mind. So, as an…

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baby milestones awesome aged 0 – 1 year

baby milestones

baby milestones step by step during the first year baby milestones during the first year after birth. Giving birth to a healthy baby after a tiresome gestation period of 40 weeks is an appraisable thing for a mother. But the job is not finished here as a new journey begins for parents after the baby’s…

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pregnancy bump hop skip and jump 1st baby joy

pregnancy bump

pregnancy bump when do you see it for first time? pregnancy bump eager to let everyone know you are starting to show ?. Usually, within a few months, pregnant women start showing, but it might take longer because every woman is different physically; that’s why each pregnancy is different. However, if you start showing quickly…

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baby in womb amazing how i grow 20-40 weeks

baby in womb

baby In womb how do I grow? Your baby’s development in the womb is an amazing process. Pregnancy lasts for approximately 40 weeks, beginning with the first day of the mother’s last menstrual cycle. During journey of baby in womb, in first 20 weeks baby major organs are developed and in the remaining 20 weeks…

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premature birth outcomes baby born at 24 weeks

premature birth

premature birth delivering baby at 24 weeks or 37 weeks Premature birth can happen between the 24th and the 37th week of pregnancy. babies born this early will be of a low birth weight with a weight between 500 and 2,500 grams due to the earlier than a normal delivery date. Such infants are known…

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