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NHS pregnancy how it evolved into the 2021 years

nhs pregnancy

NHS pregnancy is one of the effective health relief programs provided to UK citizens under the umbrella of the National Health Service (NHS). NHS is a UK-based publicly funded health body founded by the former health minister Aneurin Bevan in 1946.

The main motto of this program is to ensure better births. NHS provides health facilities to pregnant women according to their pregnancy care plans. The stats revealed by NHS during 2019-2020 showed that 591,759 pregnancies were supported by the nhs pregnancy service program, which accounts for 99.5 % of all the UK births during this period.

What is NHS pregnancy care?

NHS Pregnancy care (medically termed as Antenatal care) is a complete healthcare plan for pregnant women that includes both prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) healthcare services. This healthcare plan decreases the anomalies and complications that arise during pregnancy and ensures the safe delivery and healthy recovery of a pregnant mother.

This healthcare plan includes nutrition guidance, exercise guidance, different tests to counter any pregnancy-related complication, and regular hospital visits to ensure a baby’s healthy birth. According to NHS, pregnant mothers without NHS pregnancy care plans are three times more prone to complications during pregnancy. The baby death rate in such mothers is five-times higher compared to mothers with NHS pregnancy care.

How the NHS help women in pregnancy?

Once you confirm your pregnancy, you should consult your doctor so that they can organize an NHS pregnancy care plan for you. NHS highly recommends that newly pregnant women make their first appointment within the first ten weeks of their pregnancy.

In the UK, this program fulfils the essential healthcare needs of pregnant women and provides necessary financial support to them. The NHS pregnancy plan usually offers at least ten appointments of a pregnant woman with a midwife to ensure her baby’s normal health and growth.

During these appointments, the NHS carries out all the necessary screening tests of the baby like tests for HIV, hepatitis, Down’s syndrome, and other inherited diseases. It also allows the pregnant women to carry out two ultrasound scans each during 8-14 weeks and 18-21 weeks. In the case of anomaly, NHS pregnancy also arranges more appointments for a pregnant woman with her doctor.

What prescription can you get free in NHS pregnancy?

With all the healthcare facilities, the NHS in the UK also deals with financial help during pregnancy. All prescriptions, screening tests, and nutritional supplements are free for pregnant mothers under NHS pregnancy, and they can avail all these facilities up to 52 weeks after their baby’s due date.

To enjoy all these facilities, you have to get a maternity exemption certificate (MATEX) from your doctor. Mothers of age less than 18 years are also financially supported by this program for their infant’s formula milk, vitamins, nutritional supplements, fruits, and vegetables.

Is NHS pregnancy offers maternity leave for pregnant mothers?

According to NHS pregnancy, every employed pregnant mother is entitled to 52 weeks of maternity leave. Such leaves are also called Statutory Maternity Leaves, and the employer is bound to allow her employee to avail of such leaves.

Employment wages and pension plans of pregnant women will remain unaffected when they are on Statutory Maternity Leaves. Moreover, pregnant women can also demand extra facilities from their employer like flexible working hours, additional paternity leave (if recommended by your healthcare doctor), etc.

How the NHS is often over stretched.

As diets change and lifestyles change so does peoples bodies. they can become more strained over time. then more ailments start to happen. Including an increase for medications. Often people can become so ill that they then need NHS care for other needs as well as in pregnancy. AS the current Covid 19 hits the media news so does its effect on the NHS. can it cope? The USA as private health car insurance for its residents does this mean a similar thing happening to the united kingdom . in order th take some of the stresses of the care the nhs is providing. only time will tell.

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