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newborn babies feeding methods. so you are pregnant and wondering what feeding methods you will use for newborn babies. Here in the uk more parents are trying breast feeding. If only for the first few weeks. Bottle feeding is the other method. so today we look at the pros and cons. Plus more importantly how some newborn babies can have feeding issues and how to overcome them.

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newborn babies feeding using the breast method.

one of natures purest feeding way known to man. newborn babies feeding using a mothers breast milk. The best time if ever to feed a newborn baby is at birth. In fact in the womb baby gets nourishment from the placenta. .Once born he or she is on her own. So the richest source of antibodies to help fight of infections is from colostrum.

Its the first milk off the mother. a fore white colour milk called colostrum, made inside the breast tissue called mammary glands. After three days the mothers milk changes to a more creamier colour and helps to settle baby after feed. Later the milk changes again to accommodate for a growing baby’s hungrier needs.

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Benefits of breastfeeding newborn babies

what are the benefits of newborn babies feeding by breast milk? Its on tap no need to go downstairs in the middle of the night to put the kettle on half asleep to make a bottle. Simply sit up in cosy chair in a comfortable position feed baby then settle off to sleep again until the next feed. It has all the nutrients no need to mix ingredients together to make up a feed.

popular issues mums face of newborn babies feeding by the breast method

what are some issues that mums face feeding newborn babies by breast ?

  1. latching on : getting the full area into baby’s mouth so baby can feed better. what to do ? put the full area into baby’s mouth not just the nipple.
  2. sore breasts: on the third day after a newborn baby is born. What to do ? The rich milks comes in after colostrum on the third day after giving birth . Breast feel heavier you may leak through breast pads. feed as often as you can to ease the pressure.
  3. cracked nipples: use a little Vaseline around the area. feeding more often to get into a routine. make sure baby is positioned correctly see above. see your midwife if bleeding occurs, you may need help with latching on techniques.
newborn babies feeding health issues premature cleft lip

Newborn babies feeding at birth is usually by breast or bottle. In a premature baby do not be surprised if a feeding tube is used at first.The earlier the baby is born at means they may not tolerate milk in the large intestine. this is when NEC can occur. Babies are monitored once they have milk to see how they tolerate milk feeds. a syringe is used for exact measurements a baby is having by the gastic tube and recorded in babys medical notes.

Babys with a health condition called a cleft lip can have feeding issues at first. the lip has not closed properly so surgery will be done at a later date. If detected during pregnancy a team will advice mum of any problems that may arise especially if baby also has a cleft palate. This is were the roof inside the mouth hasn’t closed too. depending on suction a baby can still breast feed with a cleft lip. if issues arise due to the palate feeding bottles with a valve in can help. The cleft lip management team will help you with this.


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