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what is a neonate baby ?

neonate babies that are less than 4 weeks old. A neonate is the medical term used in hospital and doctors settings. if a baby is born premature and staying in the neonatal intensive care units then their stay can go beyond that of 4 weeks.

neonate babies in intensive care units

today we answer your top 5 questions related to a neonate. Question one does a neonate have to stay in special care? ANSWER a neonate would only stay in the special care baby unit if it was born premature, had an underlying health condition, developed one at birth that needed medical assistance there and then. Plus if at 3 weeks old they became sick.

neonate in intensive care unit
Newborn neonate baby inside incubator NICU

what is a neonatal intensive care unit

Question two my niece is in the neonatal intensive care unit what does this mean for her she was born at 28 weeks?
ANSWER There are times when a child or baby faces certain problems while adapting to the outside world. A neonatal unit serves as professional and 24 hours a day care unit for babies either prematurely or sick.

Many newborn babies these days are placed into these units for extensive care; therefore, it is not uncommon for a baby to be in one of these units for a few weeks. There are various stages for neonatal units as the baby’s health condition requires.

The various types of these neonatal care facilities are as follows:
• NICU Care units for excessively sick babies needing 24 hour monitoring.
• HDU high dependency units for infants who do not require 24 hour supervision units but still need extra care.
• a SCBU Unit where exceptional treatment is given to these babies who is prepared to go back with his parents. In transitional care, the parents themselves look after their baby in the presence of nurse. Some also opt for staying in a room with their baby on the side of the neonatal word for a short time ready to go home.

Every hospital nowadays has neonatal care units. However, some might not have the proper machines or resources to look after the child in the best possible manner. In such cases, The newborn neonate must be taken away by ambulance to a unit that is quite a drive away and well equipped.

For some new parents, the thought of handling such a small baby will be very frightening. Having a baby in a neonatal care unit is naturally worrying for parents but knowing these places are well equip to help a baby become more stable. Plus definitely lowering the stress of parents as they eventually move to the SCBU.

a neonate going home well done neonatal nursing staff

a magical day as arrived when your baby can finally go home. Especially after many weeks. You will have built a goof relationship with the neonatal nursing staff. what a wonderful idea to give them a gift to say thanks. In fact what can you give them when they receive so many boxes of chocolates and flowers? here are our top 7 gift ideas..

1. A hand made wooden sign of encouraging words. It could hang in the staffroom when they take a short break, especially after being on their feet all day.
2. large jars of good quality coffee. 3.tasty tea bags selections including all new flavours.
4. sensitive hand creams hand lotions.
5. fruit baskets for both shifts day and night staff.
6. a cosy chair for the staff room.
7. funky funny mugs / cups for the staff room and to make them laugh. 8. a Good personalised pen. they get borrowed and lost a lot. By having their name on it the staff know who to return it to.

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