national childbirth trust in 2021 help my baby please

nct national childbirth trust
national childbirth trust

What is the national childbirth trust (NCT)?

national childbirth trust is also known as an NCT; it is the largest parent charity in the UK, was developed in 1956, and help millions of parents through early parenthood and birth. The trust’s main goal is to support parents early 1000 days from the starting of pregnancy until the baby is two years old.

The national childbirth trust has 327 local branches with up to 5,000 volunteers providing a wide range of various activities, including Babies’ drop-in sessions, Bumps, low-cost baby clothes, Baby First Aid courses, and other baby equipment. NCT’s helper provides full emotional and practical support to the new parents before and after childbirth.

Its peer supporters and breastfeeding counsellors support mums with feeding free of cost. Furthermore, its national support line and online information centre provide complete information to up to five million parents per year.

What Type of Services national childbirth trust provides?

The NCT offers many services, including breastfeeding counselling, antenatal classes, parents’ network, postnatal discussion groups, traumatic experiences, and social events. The national childbirth trust also provides woman-centred maternity services in which it works as a voice of parents and raises national issues related to women, including continuity of care, women’s choice, and control.

How Does national childbirth trust help families?

The national childbirth trust provides full support to the early 1,000 days from pregnancy to birth and early parenthood. In this duration, NCT tries to share information knowledge among the parents, create a friendly environment and work to changing public attitudes and public policy for good. The trust supports over the five million families each year and provides a friendly environment with maximum peace to enjoy pregnancy’s amazing experience.

What Information Does the NCT Provide to Parents?

The national childbirth trust provides all knowledge related to confidence, patience, and potential to all attendees that are very important to understand as parents. It also offers several workshops and postnatal courses that help to support their difficult time. The NCT also has well evidence-based information that is specially designed for parents and their baby.

What NCT national childbirth trust Helpline Offer?

The NCT provides a national helpline service that offers several services including support on pregnancy, childbirth, antenatal teachers, access to get specialist information, and highly-trained breastfeeding counsellors. It also provides full support in various situations after the delivery, such as depression, crying, and sleep difficulty. The national childbirth trust also offers a “Shared Experience Helpline” for those who had to face different difficulties during pregnancy, early parenthood, or birth, allowing the caller to talk to someone who had a similar experience.

Does NCT Offer an Event?

nct has a large network of various branches at a local level that run by volunteers. These branches offer a wide range of various activities and events for all new families such as New Nearly Sales, which sell high-quality baby clothes, toys, and other equipment at a cheap price. Furthermore, small local groups meet with each other, and these events provide an opportunity to make new friends and grow confidence. However, some other branches offer ad-hoc events such as Cheeky Monkey Tea Parties, First Aid Evenings, and days out.

as the national childbirth trust originally set up antenatal classes many parents have found it very helpful with both mum dads and birthing partners attending over the years.

How has it changed in 2021 ?

with classes going online due to lockdown and Covid 19 and with more families using their phones to access the internet. Being at home means mums are free to use these online services offered by the national childbirth trust. As it evolves to meet the needs of pregnant mums to be in these testing times.

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