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miscarried baby 1st 2nd third trimester infant loss. do babies have a funeral this young ?

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The most vulnerable time for a miscarriage to happen is usually in the first trimester. up to 12 weeks pregnant. Now it may be missed as mum uses the toilet. Baby at the fetus stage can be missed along with a little blood loss as she flushes the toilet. Mum may then have stomach pains as an indication something is wrong . But if baby is found after a miscarriage what happens next ?

In the first instance you’ll want to try to save the precious child, but if its in the first trimester sadly there is nothing you can do. So a funeral service is the next thing you may be considering. You don’t have to announce it to the whole wide world. its too painful. You can have a little ceremony at home burying baby in your garden with a dignified send off.

Saying goodbye a tender hearted way. acknowledging a miscarried baby with the privacy that goes with doing it yourself. So for miscarried baby up to 23 weeks 6 days of pregnancy here in England you can have a funeral ,including arranging your own private one. By law once a baby reaches 24 weeks of pregnancy then they get all the paperwork associated with a loss. Plus baby then has to have a funeral or a cremation.

coffin miscarried baby

miscarried baby what happens next ?

you can order the smallest ever baby coffin here what to do with baby until the coffin arrives ? many questions we get asked is how can I stop my baby from decaying after death. ? You cant but by keeping the body cool for a couple days will help to slow down the natural process of decomposition until you order a coffin. A Tupperware box with a lid on, kept at the bottom of the fridge helps at the same time storing away from food.

For the funeral .wrapping baby in a snuggly blanket or bedding nestling material is a comfortable way to settle them for a forever sleep. a baby coffin wooden coffin or similar is a private way to bury them. It has a lid,it is not sea through and biodegrades over time . Avoid using metal as it does not rot overtime when it comes in contact with soil or moisture.

if you decide upon a cremation the micro sized urns from 0-16 weeks gestation are in plentiful supply here urns for ashes

miscarried baby saying goodbye with dignity

how do you say goodbye to someone you only knew for a few weeks ? You create a message of love in the way you say goodbye. Everything that reminds you of beauty can be included in the short but sweetest funeral . It could be flowers in a field and the description you include. Or the smell associated with the freshness of the ocean. Baby animals and the funny little antics they do. “everything dear baby that reminds me of you” .

prayers for a miscarried baby Christian burial

what prayers do you say when the funeral is for a miscarried baby? For those with a Christian faith here are some examples of funeral prayers you can use .. all written by Heaven and Hope. Not for commercial use.

prayer 1 Heavenly Father we thankyou for all the good things you give us in life. Help us to be strong at this sad time in need and shower us with your love from above Amen.

prayer 2 Dear God in heaven above with thankyou for your unconditional love, comfort us as we grieve the loss of baby …. Helps us this day and every day to be thankful come what may amen.

prayer 3 Lord God almighty help us in our time of sorrow, Jesus we ask you to send your comforter as we kneel before you in tears. guide us, strengthen us as we suffer loss of baby …. In Jesus name we ask these things amen.

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